December 2001 Commit Log

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mwedel 2001-12-31 22:56 Rev.: 1491

server/spell_effect.c: fix animate_bomb so that if the bomb is in a container,
it does not crash the server - the problem was that it was calling
drop, which would then drop it right back into the container. also, the
x and y coordinates were not being properly set.
MSW 2001-12-31

30 lines of code changed in 2 files:

tanner 2001-12-31 04:42 Rev.: 1490

Changed to build 1.1.0 client.

62 lines of code changed in 1 file:

tanner 2001-12-31 04:02 Rev.: 1489

Typo in install: target.

Was installing x11/cfclient as gcfclient.

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

mwedel 2001-12-31 03:36 Rev.: 1488

This change lets the server have multiple image sets. The client
can then request which image set to use, and the server will use
that image set, falling back to other sets as necessary. I have tested
this with CVS client, and works fine at least in terms of old functionality.
doc/ Add images file which describes image guideline.
doc/Protocol: Various updates - some things missing, added other notes
about facesets.
doc/images: New file, describes guidelines for image sets, as well
as some of the internals
include/newserver.h: Update for multiple image set - redid most of the
image definitions as they were out of date with only png being supported.
include/sockproto.h: rebuilt
lib/ remove crossfire.png, add crossfire.0, crossfire.0. Update
build directions to use crossfire.0 instead of crossfire.png
lib/adm/ Modified to collect all the image sets, remove
support for collect xpm and xbm images.
lib/crossfire.0: new file, base images
lib/crossfire.1: new file, alternate images
lib/image_info: New file, describes image sets.
lib/crossfire.png, lib/ Removed - no longer needed.
socket/ add image.c file.
socket/image.c: Moved all image related data in this file - this includes
loading the image files, as well as the protocol commands.
socket/init.c: move read_client_images to image.c file. set ns->faceset
and ns->facecache to 0. Move freeing of image data to image.c
socket/request.c: fixed some indentation inconsistencies.add setup commands
for faceset as facecache. Move SetFaceMode,SendFaceCmd,esrv_send_face
to image.c file.
MSW 2001-12-31

641 lines of code changed in 13 files:

mwedel 2001-12-31 02:02 Rev.: 1487

Rename of files to include base in name - for multiple image set support
in the server. MSW 2001-12-30

0 lines of code changed in 3812 files:

mwedel 2001-12-28 20:41 Rev.: 1486

Add banner line for 1.1.0 changes. MSW 2001-12-28

4 lines of code changed in 1 file:

mwedel 2001-12-28 03:56 Rev.: 1485

README: Update notes on needing png (and not xpm) library. Update mailing
alias., configure: As the seperate sound program (cfsndserv) is the
only supported sound configuration, remove new_sound_system defines
and ability to use the old (now non existant) sound system.
Have configure exit with error message if png library is not found,
as it is critical to the build process. Change it so that
gnome/Makefile is always built so that making of releases works.
gnome/, help/about.h, x11/ Update mail address.
gtk/gtkproto.h, x11/x11proto.h: Rebuilt, prototypes for some changed for
signed to unsigned characters.
gtk/gx11.c, gtk/png.c, pixmaps/stipple.111, x11/png.c, x11/x11.c, x11/xutil.c,
pixmaps/stipple.111 pixmaps/stipple.112:
Mostly changes to fix compile warnings and make sure we are passing the
right types to the various image creation functions (8 bit data).
sound-src/ Add soundsdef.h to list of things to build.
x11/x11.h: Remove extra semicolon.
MSW 2001-12-28

836 lines of code changed in 19 files:

mwedel 2001-12-28 03:28 Rev.: 1484

Initial revision

30 lines of code changed in 30 files:

darth_bob 2001-12-28 01:02 Rev.: 1483

This is a script for moving one set dirs into another, be very careful you can make mistakes very easily with it!

0 lines of code changed in 1 file:

darth_bob 2001-12-28 00:46 Rev.: 1482

Mammoth commit here, just added alternate set (now called classic or clsc) to the archs. This is in preperation for support of arbitrary sets.

1459 lines of code changed in 1459 files:

mwedel 2001-12-27 22:40 Rev.: 1481

Include errno.h in some files. MSW 2001-12-27

4 lines of code changed in 2 files:

mwedel 2001-12-23 03:17 Rev.: 1480

common/loader.l, common/loader.c, common/object.c, include/object.h,
Remove sub_type and sub_type2 information -
these were poorly named fields and not properly implemented.
common/treasure.c: Add missing return type to change_treasure function.
crossedit/Edit.c: Add SET_MAP_FLAGS macro to set P_NEED_UPDATE flag
before calling update_position.
include/config.h: Add NEW_WORLD_MAP selection which results in proper
emergency save paths if you are using the maps-bigworld distribution.
server/c_wiz.c: Fix the formatting (indentation) of the command_create
function. No actual changes in how it runs, but the old
formatting was really terrible and inconsistent.
server/main.c: remove call to send_mapstats_cmd
server/monster.c: Update the comment style to be proper, as well
as the comments themselves.
socket/request.c: Fix up improper indentation in esrv_update_stats.
remove send_mapstats_cmd function.
MSW 2001-12-23

136 lines of code changed in 12 files:

darth_bob 2001-12-23 03:09 Rev.: 1479

A hole pointed out by Mark.. This should mean Rabies is fully functioning

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

garbled 2001-12-19 16:06 Rev.: 1478

Typo, noted my mids.

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

garbled 2001-12-19 16:03 Rev.: 1477

Calculate the current month properly. Problem noted by mids. Thanks!

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

jbontje 2001-12-19 12:07 Rev.: 1476

clockdata really should be in localdir, garbled tried to do that before
but he forgot to change it in a function. mids 2001-12-19

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

garbled 2001-12-19 05:07 Rev.: 1475

More basics for the weather system:
document the new map header entries.
New settings for the big-worldmap/weather interactions, and code to load

No functional changes at this time.

94 lines of code changed in 4 files:

garbled 2001-12-19 03:53 Rev.: 1474

Load the new values from map.h if they exist in a given map header. They
don't yet, but just in case. Again, no functional change here.

12 lines of code changed in 1 file:

garbled 2001-12-19 03:31 Rev.: 1473

No modifications to how the code works here yet, just adding a structure,
and new fields to the mapstruct. They are currently unused.

38 lines of code changed in 1 file:

darth_bob 2001-12-19 01:54 Rev.: 1472

Fixed up the bug which Mark pointed out

4 lines of code changed in 1 file:

mwedel 2001-12-19 01:48 Rev.: 1471

Updating mailing address where people should send patches.
MSW 2001-12-18

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

darth_bob 2001-12-18 22:46 Rev.: 1470

Turn down the damage abit

2 lines of code changed in 1 file:

garbled 2001-12-18 15:17 Rev.: 1469

Mids makes a good point in his post, this should be in var, not in
datadir. Thanks.

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

darth_bob 2001-12-18 05:59 Rev.: 1468

Added life stealing to devourers

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

darth_bob 2001-12-18 04:52 Rev.: 1467

More life stealing stuff

2 lines of code changed in 1 file:

darth_bob 2001-12-18 04:45 Rev.: 1466

New attack type, life stealing. Mostly untested, I am commiting this to allow people to test it out, currently it is only availible on a devourers blessed weapon. It currently drain and life stealing both are used as resistances to this attack type, this is to allow fairly seemless merging.

46 lines of code changed in 2 files:

garbled 2001-12-18 04:11 Rev.: 1465

Oops.. somehow I accidentally backed out mark's changes here. Odd that
it didn't give me a merge bogon.

6 lines of code changed in 1 file:

garbled 2001-12-18 03:58 Rev.: 1464

Lots of changes here. Basically implement a night and day system, as
well as tracking of game time. A clockdata file is now created and
updated by the server to increment time. Time increases by 1 hour,
approximately every 2 minutes of real time. Right now this code has
virtually no effect, but as maps are updated with outdoor settings,
nightfall will occur automatically. The time command has been modified
to show the current game time, and the clock objects have been changed to
show the game time as well.
garbled 2001-12-18

330 lines of code changed in 15 files:

mwedel 2001-12-18 02:10 Rev.: 1463

Add some missing files.
MSW 2001-12-17

513 lines of code changed in 6 files:

mwedel 2001-12-18 02:09 Rev.: 1462

commit of editor picks. These are just copied from the main distribution,
but are useful so the editor can find something when editing the
MSW 2001-12-17

4212 lines of code changed in 29 files:

mwedel 2001-12-18 02:04 Rev.: 1461

Commit of scorn city. It has been updated via
to point to the new world maps. Probably not 100% perfect, but
on a quick check, it the exits work OK.
MSW 2001-12-17

18396 lines of code changed in 106 files:

mwedel 2001-12-18 01:44 Rev.: 1460

Initial import of new world. See the Info/README for more information.
This import is largely as generated by the program, but I have
placed scorn onto it.
MSW 2001-12-17

654610 lines of code changed in 900 files:

mwedel 2001-12-17 23:42 Rev.: 1459

Initial import of new world along with scorn and editor picks.
Info directory contains some utils (like the program made to make
the map), information, images of the map, and a script to update
the exits.
MSW 2001-12-17

50 lines of code changed in 7 files:

mwedel 2001-12-16 23:15 Rev.: 1458

Fix bug by DB which moved a } to a different place in the hit_player_attacktype
function, resulting in greatly changed results. MSW 2001-12-16

10 lines of code changed in 1 file:

mwedel 2001-12-16 23:15 Rev.: 1457

common/map.c: Fix some bugs relating to map tiling. MSW 2001-12-16

8 lines of code changed in 2 files:

darth_bob 2001-12-16 04:06 Rev.: 1456

Fixed some stylistic problems.

32 lines of code changed in 1 file:

darth_bob 2001-12-16 02:15 Rev.: 1455

poison fog is now low grace required (50 grace points)

2 lines of code changed in 1 file:

darth_bob 2001-12-16 02:13 Rev.: 1454

Fixes a few bugs and removes non-ansi comments.

15 lines of code changed in 1 file:

mwedel 2001-12-15 22:31 Rev.: 1453

common/object.c random_maps/
server/c_wiz.c server/player.c server/plugins.c server/timers.c
socket/request.c: Most of the changes are to just fix compiling warnings
or errors so that it compiles on sparc solaris with the workshop
compiler (things like }; should just be }). Declaration for alphasort
was missing in plugins.c. random_maps/ had the wrong order in
linking - the system library needs to be linked in after the crossfire
crossedit/App.c: Fix for running on 8 bit color - colormap was not being
initialized to usuable default value.
crossedit/xutil.c: Broken code when duplicating faces for undefined
images. That code should never really be used, as pixmaps currently
are always contiguous.
MSW 2001-12-15

37 lines of code changed in 10 files:

darth_bob 2001-12-14 05:31 Rev.: 1452

! Big changes made by njh !!
Basic code clean, using switch instead of repeated else if's
Hashed some code which was nop (didn't seem to do anything)
changed over to using ATNR_SLOW etc, instead of AT_SLOW.

Has been tested, all those interested in attack.c please read through this code again and make sure everything is in order. Mail problems to!

217 lines of code changed in 1 file:

darth_bob 2001-12-12 06:00 Rev.: 1451

Added lots of new resistance, this is not intended to be permenent but to sweeten it alittle. I shall play through the char and see how hard it is and fix it from there. Changes are:
resist_fire -5 (from -30)
resist_cold 15
resist_poison 100
resist_ghosthit 50
repelled fire

6 lines of code changed in 1 file:

darth_bob 2001-12-09 09:02 Rev.: 1450

Few small to medium changes.

4 lines of code changed in 2 files:

darth_bob 2001-12-09 08:22 Rev.: 1449

Popular request I have downed gorokh. After playing it and getting to level 107 in 2-3 days I agree. Some nasty negs now, -5 cold this should slow them down alittle, and -2 hp regen and -1 sp regen should also slow it down somewhat. The real issue is that angels give alot of exp and the angel map is long and big =).

3 lines of code changed in 1 file:

mwedel 2001-12-05 01:43 Rev.: 1448

Add new archetypes. Fix missing newline at end of gnoll_chief_arc.arc.
Fixed a few files that resulted in png warnings during load.
MSW 2001-12-04

122 lines of code changed in 13 files:

michtoen 2001-12-03 22:49 Rev.: 1447

mapstats cmd for extended clients.
Add a cmd which sends mapstats for clients.
This use not the script events. Script events should
used for special scripted events.

38 lines of code changed in 5 files:

reeve 2001-12-03 21:39 Rev.: 1446

Scott Barnes: Another modification to the window sizing code, now it will not set
the window's default size larger than the display.

12 lines of code changed in 1 file:

mwedel 2001-12-03 02:51 Rev.: 1445

This checkin for the most part removes support for xpm and xbm graphics -
now the only image supported is the png.
common/arch.c: comment out printing on warning of object having no type -
getting 300 meaningless messages at startup is annoying.
common/image.c: Remove X11 color information from colorname array. Remove
processing of color_fg and color_bg information from face file - only
use color_fg if no magicmap information is available - foreground
and background infoformation was only needed for bitmap graphics.
common/loader.c, loader.l: Add elevation element, comment out some logging
messages that are excessive and only really relevant for people
who want to fix them (really should be in the collect script
anyways). Remove some unused code.
common/map.c: add outdoor field to map structure - add support for loading
and saving it.
crossedit/App.c,crossedit/CrUtil.c, crossedit/Defines.h, crossedit/crossedit.c
crossedit/xutil.c: Remove support for non png graphics.
crossedit/Attr.c: Add support for elevation variable, remove code for non
png graphics.
doc/map-technical: Add note about outdoor field.
include/face.h: remove fg, bg fields from face struecture.
include/global.h: Update colorname array definition.
include/loader.h: Add V_ELEVATION field.
include/map.h: Add outdoor field to map structure.
include/newserver.h: Update types so it only loads/knows about png information.
include/object.h: Add elevation field to object structure.
lib/ Remove support for building crossfire.xpm and crossfire.xbm
lib/animations, lib/archetypes, lib/bmaps, lib/bmaps.paths, lib/crossfire.png,
lib/faces: Rebuilt. Main difference is a few sea types, and the fact
that it hadn't been collected for a while.
server/spell_effect.c: Modify dimension door so that it calls MapNewmapCmd
so that fog of war does not get confused. Also, removes call to
draw as functions further up will do that.
server/spell_util.c: Remove color information from attack information that
shuffle_attack uses.
socket/init.c, socket/request.c: Remove support for non png images.
MSW 2001-12-02

164 lines of code changed in 25 files:

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