April 2006 Commit Log

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cavesomething 2006-04-12 06:18 Rev.: 4552

use the same image hashing algorithm that the server uses for archetypes, increase the table size to 8192 to reduce collisions.

15 lines of code changed in 2 files:

tchize 2006-04-06 16:18 Rev.: 4551

finished common/arch.c unit test, fixed a few bugs, moved function around and renamed other

611 lines of code changed in 31 files:

cavesomething 2006-04-06 11:58 Rev.: 4550

Increase Archtable to 8192, the new hashing algorithm works better with a table size that is a power of 2, and the current value is very close to being exceeded anyway. Suggested by Crossfire+ Development Team http://cf.schmorp.de

7 lines of code changed in 2 files:

akirschbaum 2006-04-05 14:28 Rev.: 4549

Add additional handles to prevent players from being trapped.

10 lines of code changed in 1 file:

qal21 2006-04-04 18:34 Rev.: 4548

Use object name for swamp messages.

14 lines of code changed in 2 files:

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