April 2002 Commit Log

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rower 2002-04-30 09:22 Rev.: 1584

Removed a compiler warning

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

mwedel 2002-04-28 23:18 Rev.: 1583

Changes for 1.2.1:
Makefile.in: Add pixmaps/question.sdl to archive list.
configure, configure.in: Update for 1.2.1 release.
MSW 2002-04-28

10 lines of code changed in 4 files:

mwedel 2002-04-28 22:56 Rev.: 1582

Changes for 1.2.0:
Makefile.in, include/version.h: Update for 1.2.0 release
lib/Makefile.in: have it make an archive for the archetypes.
MSW 2002-04-28

21 lines of code changed in 4 files:

mwedel 2002-04-28 22:18 Rev.: 1581

gtk/config.c: Allocate string data for want_faceset - data returned by
gtk_entry_get_text is non persistent. MSW 2002-04-28

5 lines of code changed in 2 files:

mwedel 2002-04-28 19:18 Rev.: 1580

doc/Developers/protocol: Add documentation about the map2 protocol command.
socket/request.c: Fix bad indentation for the map2 function. No actual
functional code changes, but some comments updated. Running diff with the
-w option will make the changes, or lack thereof, more viewable.
MSW 2002-04-28

198 lines of code changed in 3 files:

avogl 2002-04-26 18:56 Rev.: 1579

I removed the transmutation flag from all equipment
in the formulae file. Transmutation allows to
collect resistances and that has to be prevented.

I do this in agreement with cryo, who is the
original author of the recent formulae-updates.

0 lines of code changed in 1 file:

mwedel 2002-04-24 01:31 Rev.: 1578

crossedit/xutil.c: Update to use name of png file.
lib/archetypes: collected - pl_dragon arch changed a while back, with no
new collect.
lib/collect.pl.in: Add some notes about usage if no option is given or
if --help is given.
server/gods.c: Fix that resulted in weapon/armor restrictions not working.
MSW 2002-04-23

36 lines of code changed in 4 files:

mwedel 2002-04-21 00:23 Rev.: 1577

Various minor bugfixes. Note the changes may appear larger than they
really are due to formatting/indentation changes. Run diff -w to
supress those:
make_win32/installwin32.bat: Update for new image files.
server/c_object.c: Fix SAVE_INTERVAL #ifdef block. It failed to compile
as it was written. Simplify code, but it should have the same effect.
server/move.c: Modify push_object so that if a player swaps position
with his pet, we send a esrv_map_scroll. This should save bandwidth,
and also prevents display corruption when fog of war on the client
is in use. Add some new comments, adjust some formatting.
server/player.c: Fix minor typo in comment.
server/skills.c: Modify new_draw_info that is responsible for the
"You pray" messages to not have the NDI_UNIQUE flag so that
they can get batched up, depending on users value of output-count
server/swap.c: Remove swapped out per player unique maps from the list
of maps. Reduces cpu and memory consumption by a minor amount, and
results in a cleaner 'maps command output.
server/weather.c: Add standard crossfire banner to top of file.
Modify long long declartion to just be a long.
MSW 2002-04-20

258 lines of code changed in 8 files:

mwedel 2002-04-20 00:13 Rev.: 1576

gtk/gx11.c: Fix bug in that the wrong variable was being passed to
negotiate_connection, resulting in the sound not being properly
communicated to the client. MSW 2002-04-19

6 lines of code changed in 2 files:

mwedel 2002-04-19 00:28 Rev.: 1575

socket/item.c: Add checks to esrv_move_object - before it just trusted
the client that the destination target to move items into was a container.
Now do valid checking that the object can be picked up, that the container
can hold it, etc. MSW 2002-04-18

15 lines of code changed in 2 files:

mwedel 2002-04-15 01:20 Rev.: 1574

Add utils/crossloop.web.in script. This script is used on metalforge -
it generates the backtrace file, compresses the core, and sends out
configure.in, configure: Rebuilt to make the crossloop.web script.
utils/Makefile.in: Install the crossloop.web script. Include the
crossloop.web.in script when making the archive.
utils/crossloop.web.in: New file.
MSW 2002-04-14

6153 lines of code changed in 5 files:

jbontje 2002-04-13 18:01 Rev.: 1573

New formulae and artifacts. Some of the arrows made a bit more powerfull.
cryo 2002-04-14

673 lines of code changed in 2 files:

mwedel 2002-04-03 02:46 Rev.: 1572

Main change is to make all the configuration options now available in the
configure window in the gtk client. The way all the various values was
stored was changed around, so it is now pretty trivial to add any future
options. For the most part, most of the logic of the other code is
unchanged - one thing that is different is that the clients use the larger
virtual maps that are normally used for fog of map - this means that fog
of war can be turned on and off.
There are probably some bugs in this, but it seems to basically work -
no horrendous bugs that I noticed that prevent it from working at all.
common/client.c: replaced config values with new system. Always
send setup mapredraw 1 to server to make toggling for fog of war easier,
and it doesn't use any significant bandwidth.
common/client.h: Add new value configuration system/defines. remove
the old values.
common/commands.c, common/image.c,common/metaserver.c,common/player.c
: update for new configuration value system
common/init.c: Add config_names which is used for the load/save logic.
update the init and clear functions to set up new values.
gtk/Makefile.in: add config.c file.
gtk/gtkproto.h: rebuilt.
gtk/config.c: New file - holds the config creating code, as well as the
load and save for the gdefaults file.
gtk/gx11.c: Remove some widgets now in config.c, move itemlist to
gx11.h, remove some other values that are in the new configuration
gtk/gx11.h: Moved several structures and externs from gx11.c to gx11.h
so they are available to config.c. Remove several values that
are done with the new config arrays.
gtk/image.c, gtk/keys.c, gtk/sdl.c, gtk/sound.c:
: update for new configuration value system
gtk/map.c: update for new configuration value system, modified so that
fog of war map logic is used all the time. Change allocate_map to
no longer refer to map_size global - use the x and y values in the
map structure.
x11/x11.c: update for new configuration value system - the x11 portion
still uses the old load/save method - this should get converted.
Many of the options available in the gtk client have no corresponding
use in the x11 client.
x11/x11.h: update for new configuration value system
x11/xutil.c: update for new configuration value system. Most of the map
logic is now synced up with the gtk/map.c
MSW 2002-04-03

1619 lines of code changed in 21 files:

mwedel 2002-04-01 00:08 Rev.: 1571

configure.in, configure: Fix the --disable-sound configure option (when used,
it won't look for sound support, and will not build the sound-src directory).
Likewise, if that option is not used but configure does not find any supported
sound systems, it also will not build the sound-src directory. MSW 2002-03-31

319 lines of code changed in 3 files:

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