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DockWindow Client


Windows only Client for Crossfire: The Multiplayer Adventure Game

Current Version:

  • Version 0.7.6 Beta

Screen Shot:

  • A screen shot of the DockWindow Client is here.

Client Features

More Accessible for new and returning players

  • Adheres more to Windows UI standards compared to other clients
  • Consistent UX throughout the application
  • Mouse friendly interface, with right click context menus for actions and command help
  • Each dockable window has a toolbar and context menu with related options and actions (Also accessible via right click on the title or via down arrow in toolbar)

Utilizes a Dockable Window System

  • Windows are movable, dockable, floatable, and rearrangeable on the fly
  • Support for multiple saved window layouts (global, per character, and multiple custom layouts)
  • Layouts are switchable via keybinds or when selecting a character to play

Completely Theme-able

  • Background/Foreground colours, font styles and sizes are changeable on the fly
  • Each dockable window provides additional customization, eg:
    • Inventory item colours and display can be changed based on item info
    • Message colors can be overridden based on category
    • Row heights and icon sizes can be changed in listboxes
    • List views can be sorted, grouped, and support multiple view types (details, icon, etc)

Other minor but useful changes

  • Supports quest list and knowledge window like the Java client
  • Open containers pop up a new inventory window to display their contents
  • Map window scales to screen and is easily zoomable, or map scale can be changed via a fixed amount
  • Message window display can be zoomed in or out
  • Can hide or show any window via keybinds
  • New Hotkey bar
  • New Character Notes window
  • New client only commands:
    • Type 'usercommands' or 'usercommands help' to see the list
  • Native windows application
    • Minimal dependencies and dlls
    • Small install size (~2mb)


ChangeLog Summary:

  • Inventory Panel
    • Add find toolbar (simple or regex) to highlight / find inventory items
  • Knowledge Panel
    • Add filter toolbar (simple or regex) to filter knowledge
  • Keybind Panel
    • Add themeing, grouping, sorting
    • Additional changes for a better user experience
  • MiniMap Panel
    • Displays current map in its entirety
    • Saves current map on a map change
    • Experimental: Allows saved maps to be manually merged into current map
  • Support skill descriptions (requires server commit 38c711ccdb @ March 18 2023)

Minor Changes:

  • Knowledge Panel
    • Add sort options
  • Character Panel
    • Change bar colours to enhance readability
  • Ground Panel
    • Add toolbar settings for new find toolbar
  • Container Panel
    • Add toolbar settings for new find toolbar
  • Theme Settings
    • Add secondary colour, secondary font, list highlight colour
  • Support tilesets other than 32x32
  • Add MapDataManager for handling map updates (Currently used by MiniMap)


  • Load default layout if overridden default layout is not found
  • Properly convert UTF strings from server
  • Fix focus issues when closing formatted message boxes
  • Fix issue displaying metaservers when a single metaserver is unavailable
  • Fix display issue on skill large icon view - Fix default sorting on listviews

Download Archive:

  • Temporarily Removed

Source Code:

Currently not available.