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The section on Alchemy as found in:
Player´s Handbook Magic System - Chapter 4, section 5

Alchemy is a sub-type of wizardry. Being an alchemist is easy; you only need satisfy the following:

  • be able to cast the alchemy spell.
  • have access to a cauldron
  • have some ingredients.

To create something put ingredients in the cauldron, then cast the 'alchemy' incantation. You might make something :). Be warned though! backfire effects are possible, especially if you throw a lot of stuff in the pot. In fact, the more junk which is in the cauldron, the worse any potential backfire is likely to be.  Backfire generally occurs when you get the ingredients wrong but low-level alchemists attempting very difficult (4+ ingredient) formulae may have problems too!

In order to get better at making stuff, you will need to learn the alchemy skill. Books found in shops (and elsewhere) will give you formulae for making stuff. There is no hard limit on the number of formulae which might make something (the code is pretty flexible), so you can always experiment on your own, but this will be dangerous!

There are even two commands that will give you the full list of formulae that you can use:

  • crossfire -m7   will dump the alchemy table in a compact format
  • crossfire -m9   will give you a more detailed list, comparing the costs of the result with the cost of the ingredients.
Formulae with 1 ingredient
water of the wise  
Formulae with 2 ingredients
bolt of Poison  
arrow of Poison  
bolt of Paralysis  
arrow of Paralysis  
bolt of Lightning  
arrow of Lightning  
bolt of Frost  
arrow of Frost  
bolt of Fire  
arrow of Fire  
bolt of Magic  
arrow of Magic  
bolt of Slay Dragon  
arrow of Slay Dragon  
potion_generic of sunfire  
potion_generic of freezing  
potion_generic of fire  
potion_generic of electric shock  
potion_generic of self knowledge  
potion_generic of resist slow  
dust_generic of piercing vision  
dust_generic of show enchantment  
dust_generic of clairvoyance  
dust_generic of repelling undead  
dust_generic of fright  
dust_generic of concussion  
dust_generic of countermagic  
dust_generic of madness  
dust_generic of stasis  
figurine_generic of clay  
balm_generic of serpent  
balm_generic of flying  
balm_generic of first aid  
balm_generic of invisible to undead  
balm_generic of aethereality  
balm_generic of asbestos  
water of pearl  
water of emerald  
water of sapphire  
water of ruby  
water of diamond  
Formulae with 3 ingredients
dagger of Paralysis  
sword of Slay Troll  
sword of Slay Ogre  
sword of Kragi  
morningstar of Fear  
gloves of bladed steel  
gauntlets of the Titans  
gloves of marksmanship  
gloves of Havok  
high_shield of Mostrai  
small_shield of Mostrai  
high_shield of Deflection  
helmet of Lythander  
helmet of Xebinon  
robe of metal weave  
robe of Displacement  
plate_mail of Protection  
scale_mail of Protection  
plate_mail of Gnarg  
scale_mail of Gnarg  
plate_mail of Gorokh  
scale_mail of Gorokh  
cloak of minor protection  
potion_generic of lasting shock  
potion_generic of noxious fumes  
potion_generic of great firestorm  
potion_generic of firestorm  
potion_generic of black fire  
potion_generic of cure illness  
potion_generic of mystic power  
potion_generic of speed  
potion_generic of recuperation  
potion_generic of cure madness  
potion_generic of cure sickness  
potion_generic of cure vision  
potion_generic of resist poison  
potion_generic of resist paralysis  
potion_generic of resist draining  
potion_generic of resist confusion  
potion_generic of resist magic  
balm_generic of beauty  
potion_generic of health  
potion_generic of agility  
potion_generic of might  
dust_generic of blizzards  
dust_generic of impenatrability  
dust_generic of visibility  
dust_generic of the Dead  
dust_generic of Biren's mist  
dust_generic of Biren's mist  
dust_generic of clinging glow  
dust_generic of night vision  
dust_generic of Ibn Gahzi  
dust_generic of frost  
figurine_generic of a clenched hand  
figurine_generic of a flame  
figurine_generic of a great wave  
figurine_generic of stone  
figurine_generic of whirlwind  
balm_generic of transparency  
balm_generic of insulation  
balm_generic of warmth  
balm_generic of warmth  
Formulae with 4 ingredients
large_morningstar of Ruggilli  
scimitar of Sorig  
sabre of Glamdri  
axe of Slay Undead  
mace of the Devourers  
broadsword of Gorokh  
large_morningstar of Valriel  
sword of Gnarg  
falchion of Poisoning  
dagger of Poisoning  
gloves of Sorig  
crown of Sorig  
full_helmet of Argoth  
full_helmet of Valriel  
full_helmet of Might  
helmet of Dark Vision  
plate_mail of Power  
plate_mail of Berwean  
arrow of Blessedness  
bolt of Blessedness  
arrow of Assassinating Trolls  
bolt of Assassinating Trolls  
potion_generic of shock resistance  
potion_generic of magic resistance  
dust_generic of encompassing rage  
dust_generic of consuming wrath  
dust_generic of frost  
dust_generic of conflagration  
dust_generic of ignition  
balm_generic of traveling  
Formulae with 5 ingredients
crossbow of Thunder  
bow of Thunder  
bow of Auriga  
gauntlets of Sorig  
scale_mail of Ruggilli  
plate_mail of Ruggilli  
mithril_chainmail of Berwean  
arrow of Assassinating Dragons  
bolt of Assassinating Dragons  
potion_generic of Rainbow Wave  
potion_generic of fiery destruction  
Formulae with 6 ingredients
arrow of Assassinating Dragons  
bolt of Assassinating Dragons