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Table of Contents:

Summary of the ability modifiers based on class and a brief description of each

Class/Profession Stat Modifiers -

List of the bonuses and penalties that apply to the individual classes. Keep in mind that Charisma (CHA) was not included as a factor in the Net +/- column.

Alchemist -3 0 -1 +3 0 +1 0 0
Barbarian +3 +2 +3 -6 -1 -1 -2 0
Devotee -2 0 -2 0 +2 +2 1 0
Evoker -2 0 -1 0 0 +3 0 0
Monk +1 +1 +1 0 0 +2 -3 +5*
Ninja +1 +2 +1 0 -2 -2 -1 0
Paladin 0 -1 0 -2 +2 +1 +1 0
Priest -2 -2 -1 0 +3 +2 +2 0
Sorcerer -3 +2 -3 +3 -2 +3 -1 0
Summoner -1 0 -1 +1 0 +1 0 0
Swashbuckler +1 +2 +1 -1 -2 -1 +1 0
Thief 0 +3 -2 +1 -1 -1 -3 0
Warlock +1 -1 +1 0 -2 +1 0 0
Warrior +2 +1 +1 -2 -1 -1 0 0
Wizard -2 0 -2 +2 0 +2 0 0

 * A monk can´t use weapons, hence the +5 Net Stat

Class/Profession Descriptions -

Your specialty is magical devices and concoctions, but you've also had some training in weaponry, so that you can fend off townsfolk angered by the vile reeks that frequently emanate from your workshop. Searching for the perfect recipes and trying to recover lost knowledge has sharpened your wits considerably. However, it's left little time for physical training, and your sedentary lifestyle has weakened you. Your dependence on magical devices extends to the use of a talisman to channel mana. The talisman has become attuned to detonation and transmutation because of how you've used it.

Growing up in the howling wilderness, you've had no chance to pursue anything remotely intellectual, let alone learn your letters! It's amazing you ever thought of leaving your hovel and going somewhere else, you're so ignorant. But now you have. You find that you're a lot tougher and stronger than these cityfolk, and you know how to get around in rough terrain. You've learned archery in order to fill your cookpot, and weaponry is second nature to anyone who's had to fight with the local orc-tribe over food once a month. You're deeply afraid of magic, and it'll be awhile before you get over that and develop any facility with it. You've no deep problem with the idea of gods, but you don't know much about them.

The axis of your existence is your devotion to your god. However, you've also been busy in other areas. Your sensitivity to godly powers has also caused your natural magical ability to bloom, and your religious order has encouraged your study. Your religious superiors have forced you to learn weaponry as well, against your will. You will find that they were wise to do so, but you haven't trained as assiduously as you should have, so you are soft and weak.

Your specialty is the use of attack spells in combat. You practice these spells daily, and your capacity to cast them has increased hugely. You've had some training in weaponry to help defend yourself, but you tend to leave most of the fighting to others, so your physical training has been somewhat lacking. You've never learned to use magic innately, but instead rely on a magic talisman to channel mana for you. The attack spells have imprinted themselves somewhat on your talisman, making it good for those and less useful for anything else. You have not been trained in religious devotion: however, you come from a religious family and will have no particular difficulty taking up the service of a god.

In the Monastery, they believed in mental discipline and peace through physical training, meditation, and to a lesser extent, religious devotion. Your mental equilibrium requires you to forego the use of weapons, but your physical training in karate means you're not helpless. Your inner peacefulness grants you the ability to regenerate faster and to sense auras.

As a member of the secret society of the Ninja, you've been taught archery and the use of weapons, and also the art of combat without weapons. Your style of combat, though, leans very much toward the sneak attack, so you've been taught how to be inconspicuous and how to appear in places you're not expected. You have had NO introduction to either religious devotion or magic.

You are a militant priest, with an emphasis on 'priest'. You've been taught archery and the use of weapons, but great care has been taken that you're doctrinally correct. Now you've been sent out in the world to convert the unrighteous and destroy the enemies of the faith, and your churchmembers have been charged a pretty penny to equip you to do it! All other areas of your education have been neglected. Perhaps aware of your deficiency, your superiors have given you a measure of protection from magic.

As a priest, you've learned an intense devotion to your god, and you've learned how to channel the energies your god vouchsafes to his devotees. You've been taught the use of weapons, but only cursorily, and your physical training has been lacking in general. Since you're in tune with the holy powers, you can tell when a god has marked an object as accursed.

Your study of magic has been obsessive. Your frequent practice has greatly enhanced your powers, and your intellect has been sharpened enormously by your quest for ever betterways to channel energies. However, you've totally neglected to learn to use weaponry, and you're soft and weak. Barbarians used to push you around on the street until you blasted one's leg off with a lightning bolt. You reflected later on the stupidity of this, because you could by no means have blasted his friends, too. Fortunately, they ran off. You resolved to learn how to take out a whole group of barbarians before losing your temper again. Your study of magic and magical devices allows you to notice when an object has a magical aura, and you can often fathom the purpose of magical devices.

You've had more of an emphasis on physical training than most spellcasters, at the expense of less time spent on casting spells. You've never learned to use magic innately, but instead rely on a magic talisman to channel mana for you. Your work has leaned heavily toward the art of summoning creatures to help you in a fight, and your talisman has become attuned to that. That attunement, however, makes it harder for you to reject unwanted creatures. You've also had a reasonable education in religious devotion.

On shipboard, you've learned good balance and agility, and you've also become strong and hardy. Because of occasional oarswork, you and your shipmates have an admirable command of rhythm, and you can sing well. You've learned to make the most of your time in port: after you pass out drunk in a bar and wake to find yourself short your pay, you've found ways to acquire new capital, or at the very least, talk someone into helping you out of your fix. On numerous occasions, you've taken up arms and the bow in defense of your ship, so you're facile with weapons, but you've had no chance to learn any magic or the ways of gods.

As a thief you've learned to steal and you're familiar with the value a fence will give you on your "finds". You've had some weaponry training, including archery, this being advisable to someone who is likely to have acrimonious disagreements about the ownership of valuable objects. You've had no time for religious devotion or the study of magecraft, but your quick wits have kept you alive many times.

You've divided your time between learning magic and learning weapons, but have totally disregarded religious devotion. You're physically stronger and hardier because of your training, and you know the use of weapons and bows. However, you're just a bit clumsy in both weaponry and magic because you've had to divide your time between them.<

As a Warrior you've been trained in the art of combat with weapons and in archery. Because of your training, you're stronger, more agile, and hardier than you would be otherwise. However, your education has neglected the magical arts, religious devotion, and lacks breadth in general.

You're the generalist of the spellcasters. You've emphasized the use of magic and studied all its areas equally. You've learned something about the gods and religious devotion as well. To a much lesser extent, you've studied weaponry, but you've not had much physical training: you're mostly sedentary, and so you're not nearly so strong and healthy as you could be.