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Crossfire Server

Crossfire is a Client-side and Server based game.

  • Client-side:
    "Typically, a client is a software program ... that runs on a user's local computer or workstation and connects to a server as necessary. Operations may be performed client-side because they require access to information or functionality that is available on the client but not on the server, because the user needs to observe them or provide input, or because the server lacks the processing power to perform the operations in a timely manner for all of the clients it serves. Additionally, if operations can be performed by the client, without sending data over the network, they may take less time, use less bandwidth, and incur a lesser security risk." In this case, one of the applications listed below.
  • Server:
    "A computer software application that carries out some task on behalf of users. ... (A)nd application serving, where the software runs a computer program to carry out some task for the users." In this case, the game of Crossfire itself.

Crossfire Server is available on the following platforms:

If you wish to host a public server or run a private server:
1.) select a server based on the OS 2.) Then choose one of the map sets

 IRIX 1.5.0 2003-Dec-10 Download
 Linux 1.75.0 2021-Jan-13 Download
 MacOS X - X11 1.9.0 2006-May-17 Download
 SPARC Solaris - Includes server & mapset 1.11.0 2008-Nov-20 N/A
 Windows Snapshot 2013-Feb-04 Download


Select which map set you wish to use on your server, based on the OS

Map Set:
Big World (default)      
 Linux 1.75.0 2021-Jan-13 Download
 MacOS X - X11 1.9.0 2006-May-17 Download
 Windows Snapshot 2013-Feb-04 Download
Small World      
 Linux,  MacOS X - X11 1.5.0 2003-Feb-02 Download
 Windows 1.5.0 2003-Oct-25 Download


ATTENTION MacOS X - X11 Users:

  • Installs to crossfire, best to untar in /usr
  • You must add the 'maps' folder to crossfire/share/crossfire/



  • After "gunzip pkgname.pkg.gz", install package with "pkgadd -d pkgname.pkg"


ATTENTION Windows Users:

  • Note1: You'll need Winzip, ZipGenius, UltimateZip or equivalent to unzip the files
  • Note2: Make SURE that this tool will NOT convert Unix newline to Windows, else it will NOT work