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  • Fireborn can wear 4 rings and 2 amulets instead of only 2 rings and 1 amulet as the other characters.
  • When choosing a god, remember that the fireborn can neither wear weapons nor armor.

Hints on Playing:

  • Make sure you throw dice until you get high INT and POW.
  • When choosing class, make sure you note benefits of Evoker and Monk.
  • Use the crystal from the very beginning; it makes you able to kill foes stronger than yourself.
  • Avoid direct contact with your enemies.
  • Take full advantage of the fact that your character is fire and poison resistant.
  • Physical weakness is the most annoying drawback with fireborns; counter that by learning summoning spells, dancing sword or similar spells that enable you to break doors etc.
  • On higher levels, elementals can be your best friends - they may enable you to kill dangerous foes from a safe place.