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Attack Messages

Combat Flavour Text

Attack Messages are used to add flavour to the game only and do not reflect any actual combat move(s).

Every weapon and monster attack has an attack_class (indicated before the #). Damage inflicted by that weapon (or monster) uses the text indicated in the table.

Table Summary:

  • Action - what you will see in the client when using the specified attack_class
    Ex: You hit goblin (You are using an arrow of some sort and successfully hit the goblin)
  • Victim - flavour text for what kind of effect the attack_class on the target. Not all attack_class use this feature, nor does every attack Action (mentioned above)
    Ex: You feel the life force of goblin course through your veins (You used a drain attack against the goblin)
  • Third Party - used for things like fireballs, golems, arrows.. things that the player owns but are not "him"
    Ex: Your arrow goes straight through goblin


Action Victim Third Party
hit   grazes
hit   pricks
hit   pierces
hit   punctures
hit   deeply punctures
hit   stabs
hit   deeply stabs
hit   penetrates
hit   perforates
hit   drills into
hit   drives deeply into
hit   goes straight through


Action Victim Third Party
draw life from   drew life from
drain   drains
feed upon the life force of   feeds upon the life force of
feel the life force of course through your veins pulls vital life force away
suck the life out of   sucks the life out of
tug mercilessly at 's soul tugs mercilessly at the soul of
send dark waves of energy into   sends dark weaves of energy into
hear a wail of despair as shudders briefly causes wails of despair to come from deep within
hear the laughter of dark gods as vibrates with pain vibrations of pain and ethereal laughter haunt
bite deeply into 's soul 's dark power bites deeply into
violently tear 's life from from the body tears the life force away from
watch dark rippling waves cover with screams of agony send dark waves of power into
laugh hideously as begs for mercy at your feet inflicts unbelievable pain upon
witness the soul of shimmering out of the body violently cackles as the soul begins to depart from


Action Victim Third Party
zap   zap
shock   shocks
jolt   jolts
electrify   electrifies
cause sparks to jump off 's body causes sparks to dance around
electrocute   electrocutes
cackle with glee as convulses with pain causes convulsions of pain to wrack
send shimmering shockwaves of power into   sends shimmering shockwaves of power into
cause bolts of energy to crackle across 's body causes bolts of energy to cackle around
send into violent seizures causes violet seizures in
watch write in pain as electric bolts crackle violently 's power causes violet spasms in
are horrified by the sight of frothing madly at your feet causes uncontrollable muscle spasms in
feel a violent shockwave crackling with power as shudders with blinding arcs sends horrible crackling power into


Action Victim Third Party
nip   nips
chill   chills
cause to shiver causes shivers in
cause to shiver violently causes violent shivers in
coat in frost sends a blast of frost at
cover in a sheet of ice sends a blast of ice at
freeze   freezes
the intense cold causes to shiver violently with pain cold power causes violent shakes in
tear into with a blast of arctic wind sends a blast of arctic wind at
nearly freeze solid nearly froze


Action Victim Third Party
singe   singes
burn   burns
ignite   ignites
scorch   scorches
torch   torches
set on fire sets fire to
roast   roasts
melt   melts
set ablaze horribly burns
fry   fries
fry to a crisp viciously fries
incinerate   incinerates
cause to burst into raging flames causes flames to engulf
burn to ashes send blistering heat waves into
nearly vaporize   nearly vaporizes

#basic hit

Action Victim Third Party
grazed   grazes
hit   hits
hit hard skillfully hits
hit very hard deftly hits
hit extremely hard violently hits
crush very hard crushes
smash with a bone crunching sound smashes
shred to pieces shreds
beat to a pulp beats
grind to dust grinds
atomize   atomizes
annihilate   annihilates


Action Victim Third Party
graze with your chop grazes
hit with your chop hits
firmly strike with your chop firmly strikes
chop upside the head plants a chop to
kick   kicks
spin kick   spin kicks
acrobatically kick in the head head kicks
launch a fury of flying fists at   launches a fury of flying fists at
touch a pressure point on sending him into spasms touches a pressure point on
dropkick   dropkicks
spin and deliver a heel kick to the back of 's head heel kicks
unleash a fury of brutal attacks against knocking him to the floor unleashes a fury of brutal attacks against
test test test


Action Victim Third Party
graze   grazes
claw   claws
slash   slashes
tear   tears
rip into   rips into
shred   shreds
leave gushing wounds in   leaves gushing wounds in
rake with your razor sharp talons rakes
slice deeply into the body of   slices deeply into the body of
tear gaping holes in   tears gaping holes in
severs the flesh from 's bone severs flesh from bone in
gut   guys
eviscerate   eviscerates


Action Victim Third Party
smack   smacks
punch   punches
punches hard skillfully punches
punches very hard deftly punches
violently beat   violently beats
pulverize   pulverizes
hammer   hammers
beat to a pulp powerfully beats
beat the tar out of   beats the tar out of
nearly shatter the skull of   pummels


Action Victim Third Party
cut   cuts
cut hard skillfully cuts
cut very hard viciously cuts
slash   slashes
slash hard skillfully slashes
slash very hard viciously slashes
slash with a powerful sweep powerfully slashes
lay open with a vicious swipe lays open
deeply gash   deeply gashes
tear open with a cruel slash tears open
open up deep wounds with a brutal swipe opens up deep wounds in
mince   minces
lacerate with gruesome hack lacerates
tears a gaping wound into with a horrendous sweep tears a gaping wound into
nearly bisects with a terrifying slash nearly bisects


Action Victim Third Party
prick   pricks
jab   jabs
jab hard skillfully jabs
jab very hard viciously jabs
pierce   pierces
pierce hard skillfully pierces
pierce very hard viciously pierces
drive your blade deeply into   drives his blade deeply into
swiftly strike with a penetrating jab brutally pierces
deftly jab with a perfectly aimed attack deftly jabs
unleash a flurry of quick pierces into the 's guy unleashes a flurry of pierces into
thrust your blade deep into the heart of   thrusts deeply into the heart of
devastate with a lightning fast jab devastates
strike hard and fast against leaving a gaping hole strikes hard and fast against


Action Victim Third Party
hack at   hacks at
hack hard at   hacks hard at
hacks very hard at   hacks very hard at
cleave   cleaves
cleave hard skillfully cleaves
cleave very hard viciously cleaves
carve into   carves into
carve deeply into   carves deeply into
rend flesh from the body of   rends flesh from the body of
tear into   tears into
tear deeply into   tears deeply into
rip a deep gash in   rips a deep gash in
sever bone and flesh from the body of   severs bone and flesh from the body of
swing down hard at , who spews forth an arc of blood swings down hard at
are enshrouded in a mist of 's blood as your violet blow finds home is enshrouded in a mist of blood from
cross into with a cruel gut-splitting cleave crosses into
see a look of despair in the eyes of as you tear him limb from limb tears limbs and bone from
splattered with the blood of as sinews of muscle give way to steel is splattered with the blood of
swing down hard on nearly splitting him end to end swings down hard on


Action Victim Third Party
slit open   slits open
slice   slices
slice hard skillfully slices
slice very hard viciously slices
brutally slice   brutally slices
cut down   cuts down
severs flesh with a cruel slice cruelly slices
carve deeply into   carves deeply into
performs a wide arcing slice gashing open   performs a wide arcing slice gashing open
slice open with an overhead sweep slices down
dissect with a series of deep slices dissects
split wide open splits
brutally slices with a cruel flurry of blows brutally slices
unleash a blizzard of steel on filling the air with a mist of blood unleashes a blizzard of steel on


Action Victim Third Party
stab   stabs
stab hard viciously stab
stab very hard violently stabs
thrust into   thrusts into
thrust hard into   thrusts hard into
thrust very hard into   thrusts very hard into
drive your weapon hard into   drives his weapon hard into
violently stabs leaving a deep wound brutally stabs
bore a deep hole in   bores a deep hole in
draw back and ram you weapon into the upper body of   draws back and rams his weapon into
scream a brutal war cry at as you violently stab him screams and repeatedly stabs
throw all your weight into a cruel thrust against   throws all his weight into a cruel thrust against
are covered in a rain of blood as your weapon homes in on   is covered in a rain of blood from


Action Victim Third Party
lash   lashes
lash hard viciously lash
lash very hard brutally lashes
whip   whips
whip hard viciously whips
whip very hard brutally whips
flog   flogs
flog hard viciously flogs
flog very hard brutally flogs
thrash   thrashes
leave deep welts and bruises on   cruelly thrashes
cruelly whip as he screams in agony causes screams of agony to emanate from
tear open gaping wounds in   tears open gaping wounds in
wrap your whip around and nearly strangle him nearly strangles


Action Victim Third Party
bruise   bruises
crush   crushes
skillfully crush   skillfully crushes
violently crush   violently crushes
brutally crush   brutally crushes
smash   smashes
splatter   splatters
rupture   ruptures
swing overhead and deliver a bone fracturing blow to   swings overhead and delivers a bone fracturing blow to
beat to a bloody pulp pulps
deliver an organ-rupturing blow to   delivers an organ-rupturing blow to
swing violently at shattering bone like glass shatters the bones of
hear the sound of 's spine shattering shatters the spine of
paint the walls with

's cerebral fluid as you crush his skull

paints with walls with bits of
cave in 's face with your crushing blow caves in the face of
smash 's bones to a bloody paste smashes the bones and flesh of
creates a gruesome and bloody mess from   creates a bloody mess from
fly into a violent rampage against throwing bone splinters and innards everywhere flies into a violent rampage against
pop 's head like a ripe melon immolates


Action Victim Third Party
raise a nasty welt on 's body raises a nasty welt on
smack   smacks
bash   bashes
whack   whacks
bludgeon   bludgeons
strike hard strikes hard
strike very hard strikes very hard
viciously strikes   viciously strikes
create an oozing wound on 's body create an oozing wound on
land a rupturing blow on   lands a rupturing blow on
watch stagger back from your blow hammers
knock into next week brutally hammers
send flying viciously hammers
buckle at the knees buckles the knees of
pound nearly into unconsciousness brutally pounds
beat into a mind altering state lands a mind altering blow against
strike with a heart-stopping blow strikes a heart-stopping blow against
ruthless pummel causing a fountain of blood to erupt from every orifice causes more damage than the developer could fathom to


Action Victim Third Party
knock on the   knocks on the
beat on the   beats on the
pound on the   pounds on the
kick at the , wearing at the hinges pounds on the
pummel the   pummels the
pound hard on the leaving large dents pounds hard on the
body slam the door making the door groan crashes at the
wipe out the   wipes out the
demolishes bits of the , indeed how is it still standing? demolishes the
command the to open with all the force at your command charges head first at the

#suffering (poison and diseases)

Action Victim Third Party
cause the to cough itches
irritate the 's throat and eyes brings a sweat to
force the to take some deep breaths gives a painful rash to the
force the to convulse and throw up makes angry sores on
make the cough up blood and bile makes blood burst from the sores on the
cause violent convulsions in the   force screaming agony from the
pauses the heart of the for a moment causing mind numbing pain makes foam burst from the mouth and nose of the
produce massive blisters on the , which screams out howls of pain makes blood leak from the eyes and ears of the
destroy vast areas of flesh on the , which nearly causes you to vomit in disgust makes blood burst from the eyes of the
force the to tear desperately at its own flesh in pain rots body parts off of the
ravage the nervous system of the , death is surely only moments away digests the muscle tissue of the
cause the to howl in great agony, you are surprised it can survive such poison causes a gruesome blood curdling howl of despair to come from the
are covered in rotting pus from the 's bursting blisters, you cackle with hideous glee causes blood to flow swiftly from bursting flesh of the