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Information on the ability modifiers based on race and a brief description of each

Race Stat Modifiers

List of the bonuses and penalties that apply to the individual races. Keep in mind that Charisma (CHA) was not included as a factor in the Net +/- column. Also, the three races that have an overall + to their stats is because of other limitations imposed on that race, like can´t wear armour, etc.

Dwarf +3 -2 +4 -2 -1 -2 -1 0
Elf -2 +3 -2 +2 -3 +2 +4 0
Fire Hatchling +5 0 +6 -3 -8 +5 0 +5
Fireborn -5 +4 0 +2 +2 +7 -2 +10
Gnome -1 -3 -2 0 +3 +3 0 0
Half-Orc +2 +1 +2 -2 -2 -1 -3 0
Halfling -4 +3 +4 0 -3 0 0 0
Human 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Northman +1 +1 +2 -2 -1 -1 0 0
Quetzalcoatl +6 +3 +6 -8 -8 +6 0 +5
Serpentman +2 +2 +4 -2 -2 0 -4 0
Troll +5 -1 +5 -5 -2 -2 -4 0
Wraith -3 +4 -3 +2 -3 +3 -4 0


Race Descriptions

The Dwarves are the hardy scions of Mostrai. The traditional profession of the dwarf is smithery, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a dwarf who is not competent at it. Whether their great strength and hardiness leads them to become smiths and miners, or whether their profession leads to their strength and hardiness is unknown. Their thick musculature makes them slow of body, and seemingly, some of their muscle has crept into their brain. Perhaps their repetitive tasks dull their minds, perhaps they're just plain born dumb.
Dwarves can see in the dark, but they're slightly impious and tend to be a bit poor at controlling magic. Despite this, there are indeed dwarven clerics and mages. They're just not quite as good as human clerics or mages.

An Elf is a child of Faerie, a scion of Lythander. Being of Faerie, they heal more slowly than other races, but mana flows into them more quickly. They also need far less food than other races. Every elf is taught the use of a bow, but their long lives allow them to take up any trade. They are weaker and less hardy than humans, but quicker of body and mind, and generally make more powerful spellcasters. However, they have a notoriously offhanded attitude toward their religious devotions and make poor priests.
As a race, Elves possess a preternatural beauty and eyes that see into the dark.

Fire Hatchling
Dragons are completely different to any other race. Their vast size and bizarre body prevents them from wearing both armour or weapons. Dragons disdain these human tools anyways. Instead, they are gifted with the ability to evolve and grow stronger by eating the flesh of their defeated foes. Over the years, the dragonhide will harden and it can provide better protection than the best armour. Instead of wielding a weapon, they use their sharp and lethal claws in combat. Moreover, dragons have a natural talent for magic and particularly spellcasting. Dragons are very interested in the lore of the elements and usually choose to specialize. While focusing their metabolism on a certain element, they can gain various new abilities - including new spells, enhanced claws and more. Eventually, a dragon is able to evolve from the hatchling stage into a grown-up terrifying ancient dragon.

Legends say that fireborn are sparks struck off the anvil of creation which had life and spirit, and after time, mind. Those who research magic think that they are relatives of some kind to will 'o the wisps. An observer seeing one for the first time would see a strangely intelligent vortex of flame somehow carrying items without burning them.
Their insubstantial nature makes them both very weak and very quick. Their minds are agile, and they are able to commune well with the gods. However, their area of excellence is magic. They spellcast more powerfully than any other race, and mana flows into them readily. They can even cast cold spells with devastating effectiveness. They all know a basic fire spell.
They have the ability to levitate at will, and they can touch to burn. As they gain more power, they are increasingly difficult to hit with weapons. However, they cannot use weapons or armour, and thereby miss out on many benefits (including powerful magical enchantments) those items may bring.
Fire does not harm them, nor poison. Cold, spiritual drain, and physical drain present great peril to them.

Gnomes and dwarves look so much alike that some speculate that they are the same race, but with very different cultures. No one has been able to talk a Dwarf and a Gnome into attempting interbreeding, however, which would settle the issue. Dwarves and gnomes have a disgust for one another and both find the thought of intimacy with the other repulsive. Despite that, they coexist peacefully enough: perhaps because their interests and needs never conflict.
Gnomes do not have nearly the strength or hardiness of dwarves, and they are even more clumsy. They are quite spiritual, and make very good priests, and many are very strong magicians. They can see in the dark, and their familiarity with the gods seems to bring a general blessing of good luck on all Gnomekind.

Half-Orc's are usually the product of rape or slavery or some unpleasantness of some sort. They look it too: Half-Orcs are rather ugly. On average, they're stronger, a bit quicker, and hardier than humans, but also dumb and impious, and unmagical. They're resistant to poison and can see in the dark, and every half-orc seems to know how to steal.

Halflings are another sub-race of humankind, like the Northman. They are much smaller and shorter than humans, so they are weaker, but they are far quicker and hardier. They're quite unreligious, but many take up magic. Their small sizes lets them hide more effectively, and for some reason, chance seems to favor them with good luck. They are also surprisingly resistant to loss of lifeforce.

Humans are the generalists of the races. They are fit for any trade, and usually pick up a skill from their parents in addition to what they've learned as apprentices in their craft.

Northmen are simply humans who have been shaped by their harsh environment. They are stronger, quicker, and hardier than most humans, but also stupid and impious. Most races also consider them a bit unattractive. They have some resistance to cold, but the few of them who take up magic find it difficult to master fire spells.

Quetzalcoatls are a strange mix of snake, bird, human, and a dash of the divine. They are able to manipulate objects with their claws. They are amazingly strong, very quick, and amazingly hardy, but quite stupid and impious (despite the dash of divinity). However, they are strongly magical in nature and usually have a vast reservoir of mana with which to cast any spell they're not too stupid to learn. Often, they're only able to grasp one basic fire spell.
Their strongly draconic nature immures them to fire and helps them with fire spells, but they are vulnerable to cold and paralyzation.
They can grasp weapons, but their bizarre body shape prevents them from using armour, helmets, and other items of apparel usually intended for bipedal creatures with two arms and two legs and a head. Their inability to use armour comes
back to haunt them when they compare themselves with other races: highly enchanted armour is usually more beneficial than dragonhide! The wings come in handy: they can use them to 'levitate', and their hide gets thicker as they gain power, compensating them somewhat for not being able to use armour.

The Serpentman adventure is a rare breed. Few serpentmen ever leaves the swamps, as they are not well adjusted for human society. Their heads and feet are not shaped properly to use boots or helmets made for humanoid folk, but their unsual build gave rise to a cultural habit of wearing pieces of bracelet- and ring-like jewelry on their tails. They possess a tough hide and strong legs which enable them to leap further than most folks. Their nasty claws can also double as weapons
They are only partially warm-blooded, and are as a result somewhat susceptible to cold.

A Troll is a nasty creature, usually: a scion of Gnarg. They have amazing strength and amazing hardiness, but they're a bit clumsy, very stupid, impious, and bad at handling and obtaining magic. They heal with amazing rapidity and can see in
the dark. Because of the above attributes, they're great in any fight. Well, they're great until someone waves torches at them: fire presents great peril to trolls.
Most trolls are destroyed on sight by civilized people: but a few have proved deserving of tolerance and are permitted to enter cities.

A Wraith is a spirit which has made an evil bargain in order to persist after natural death, or been forced involuntarily into its new undead state. This transformation frees them of the limits of a natural lifespan, and grants them immunity to diseases, poison, and loss of lifeforce. Wraith's also need feel little fear of cold, and they can see well in the dark.
A Wraith's corporeal form has terrible vulnerabilities: Fire and most godpower are dangerous to Wraiths. Their tenuous form makes them quick, and somewhat harder to hit, but also weaker and less hardy.
Wraith's have a strong affinity to magic, especially cold spells, and are very strong spellcasters. However, they cannot use fire spells for fear of self-destruction.

Maximum Stats

The maximum value a stat can obtain (based on race) without the aid of equipment.

Creature   STR DEX CON INT WIS POW CHA Special
Dwarf dwarf 23 18 24 18 19 18 19 Ac 10, Wc 21, Dam 1
Fire Hatchling dragon 25 20 26 17 12 25 20 Ac 5, Wc 21, Dam 10
Elf elf 18 23 18 22 17 22 24 Ac 10, Wc 21, Dam 1
Fireborn fireborn 15 24 20 22 22 27 18 Ac 0, Wc 21, Dam 0
Gnome gnome 19 17 18 20 23 23 20 Ac 10, Wc 21, Dam 1, Luck 1
Half-Orc half-orc 22 21 22 18 18 19 17 Ac 10, Wc 21, Dam 1,
Halfling halfling 16 23 24 20 17 20 20 Ac 10, Wc 21, Dam 1, Luck 1
Human human 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 Ac 10, Wc 21, Dam 1
Northman northman 21 23 22 18 19 19 19 Ac 10, Wc 21, Dam 1
Quetzalcoatl quetzalcoatl 26 23 26 12 12 26 20 Ac 5 , Wc 21, Dam 10
Serpentman serpentman 22 22 24 18 18 20 16 Ac 5, Wc 21, Dam 8
Troll troll 25 19 25 15 18 18 16 Ac 6, Wc 21, Dam1
Wraith wraith 17 24 17 22 17 23 16 Ac 6, Wc 21, Dam 1