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Crossfire Primers

Instructions and other information found in the Hall of Selection during the character creation process

Welcome to the Hall of Selection. Here, you will pick what your character's initial skills shall be. Different classes start out with different skills, but as you play the game, you will be able to 'train' your character to do whatever task you wish. Like a person, your character can learn a new career, IF his native abilities allow it. Your choice of class will, however, have a permanent effect on how the player shall appear on the board.

Crossfire primer #1:
Picking things up and applying them. On this square there is a piece of food. Click around with your various mouse buttons until you can pick it up and drop it. In particular, learn not to drop things you don't want to. Some things are gone forever if you drop them onto the ground. You can use the command "help" to learn more about other commands. The ',' (comma) key also picks up objects below you. Another important key is the ' key, which tells your client that you're about to begin a text command. On some clients you can click in a window to type in a text command.

Crossfire primer #2:
Crossfire players can have many skills. Type in the command "skills" to see which ones you have. Right now you have few or none. Soon, you will be able to choose your beginning skills, which are determined by your choice of class.
The main ones are magic, weapons, and praying. There are many more.
Some you will use like this:
use_skill alchemy
Others, like praying, weapons, and magic are automatic.

Crossfire primer #3:
Players with the magic skill can cast magical spells.
Magical spells are used in this way:
by typing, for example:
cast small lightning
cast burning hands
Either of these commands will set the RANGE ATTACK to that magic spell. Then, "firing" in a direction will invoke that spell in that direction. Magical energy is call mana, and it is depleted whenever a player invokes a magical spell. Mana is normally replenished slowly, but certain items may speed the process.

Crossfire primer #4:
Players with the praying skill can ask help of their gods, and get it. Prayers and magical spells are used in much the same way, for example, by typing:
cast holy word
cast burning hands
Either of these commands will set the RANGE ATTACK to that praying skill. Then, "firing" in a direction will invoke that prayer in that direction.
Grace is a measure of how pleased your god is with you at the moment. Your god will grant you favors if you have sufficient grace for the favor, or even sometimes if you don't. However, asking for big favors when you have insufficient grace may bring down divine retribution.
Grace is slowly replenished, up to a point. Beyond that point, you must pray to gain more grace. This is a convenient way to do this:
bind use_skill praying
Then simply hit the P key repeatedly.
This is also a good way to regenerate grace quickly.

Crossfire primer #5:
Attacking with weapons or fists.
If you want to physically strike a monster, all you need to do is run into him with your player, many times quickly. To do this best, you should learn the keyboard commands for running, and indeed, for moving in general. For moving with the keyboard:
  h l
Running in a direction is done by <ctrl> direction. Firing in a direction is <shift> direction. It's generally better to hit a monster with a weapon besides your fists. Click on your inventory until you figure out how to get a weapon to be marked "wielded". Then, you'll be able to hit the monster with the weapon when you run into him.

Crossfire primer #6:
When you first begin the game, you will be unable to use any prayers because you have no god to grant them as yet.
Religions are acquired by praying at an altar. Any player with the praying skill may pray at an altar and become a devotee of that god. The various deities are very different from each other. Beginning players should probably choose either Mostrai or Valriel, and avoid Gaea and Rugilli. Temples for most of the religions are in the town Scorn, where you will appear after you choose a class.

To begin choosing, walk into the room below, and examine the different classes until you are satisfied. When you find a class you like, walk forward onto the circle for that class.