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Chapter 2 - About Characters

2.1 Character Attributes

Each player interacts in the Crossfireworld through the persona of a character. In turn, the interaction between the character and the game world is mediated by the "attributes" of the character. After all, the player is not going to play him/herself! In Crossfirewe chose to parameterize the acceptable limits of player behavior via the values of the character attributes which, in turn, help to determine the success of any action taken by the player. There are no limits per se on what you can attempt to do with your character; rather, the attributes of a character indicate the certain "natural" talents and inclinations. Three concepts which are relevant to Crossfirecharacter attributes are "stats", "class" and "race."

2.1.1. Character Stats

Character statistics (or "stats" for short) can be divided into two types: primary and secondary. What's the difference between them? Secondary stats are calculated from a number of things including the primary stats. But the reverse isn't true, secondary stats never have any influence on the primary stats. In playing the game, the player may find that either of these kinds of stats may be changed for better or worse. In general, the primary stats change much less often than the secondary stats. Equipment, magic, and death are just three examples of the many things which can alter the values of the character stats. The current values of both the primary and secondary stats may be viewed in the stat window. Four important secondary stats - food, grace, hitpoints and mana also appear again in the stat-bar window.

Primary stats

The seven primary stats are:

  • Strength ("STR") - a measure of the physical strength. Can affect damage and how much can be carried without losing speed. Also affects how often the character can attack.
  • Dexterity ("DEX") -measures physical agility. Helps the character avoid being hit. Affects the Armour Class and the speed
  • Constitution ("CON") - measures physical health and toughness. Affects the maximum Hit Points.
  • Intelligence ("INT") -measures ability to learn skills and incantations (both prayers and magic.)
  • Wisdom ("WIS") - measures the ability to learn/use divine magic. Affects Maximum Grace.
  • Power ("POW") - measures magical potential. Affects the maximum Spell Points and Grace gained per level.
  • Charisma ("CHA") - measures social and leadership abilities. Affects the prices when buying and selling items.

Primary stats have a "natural" range between 0 and ~20. The actual upper limit on each primary stat is set by the chosen character race (see character race.) You can raise your primary stats by drinking potions up to your race natural limit.

There are plenty of items which give you bonuses to your stats even beyond your race limit - swords, armour and rings to name the most important. You can also read scrolls or cast spells (incantations or prayers) to temporarily raise your stats. The ultimate maximum value is 30, and the player class doesn't matter here. Some quantitative effects of the primary stats are summarized in the table below. The top row in the column header specifies a particular bonus (i.e.HpB, MgB, AcB, DmB, etc.) while the second row in the header indicates the stat which is used to calculate the value of that column. Where no stat appears, one of several stats may be used to calculate that value. See later parts of the text (particularly section statistics calculation) for further details.

Stat HpB
MgB1 AcB
Max Carry
% Learn2 Buy/Sell
1 -5 -10 3 -2 -2 4 0.6 0 7.92 / 0.757576
2 -4 -9 2 -2 -1 7 0.7 0 7.74 / 0.775194
3 -3 -8 2 -1 -1 11 0.7 1 7.56 / 0.793651
4 -2 -7 1 -1 0 16 0.8 2 7.38 / 0.813008
5 -1 -6 1 -1 0 22 0.8 4 7.2 / .833333
6 -1 -5 1 0 0 29 0.8 8 7.02  / .854701
7 0 -4 0 0 0 37 0.9 12 6.84 / 0.877193
8 0 -3 0 0 0 46 0.9 16 6.66 / 0.900901
9 0 -2 0 0 0 56 0.9 25 6.48 / 0.92596
10 0 -1 0 0 0 67 0.95 36 6.30 / 0.952381
11 1 0 0 0 0 79 1 45 6.12 / 0.980392
12 2 1 0 1 0 92 1 55 5.94 / 1.0101
13 3 2 0 1 0 106 1 65 5.76 / 1.04167
14 4 3 -1 1 1 121 1.05 70 5.58 / 1.07527
15 5 4 -1 2 1 137 1.1 75 5.4 / 1.11111
16 6 5 -1 2 1 154 1.1 80 5.22 / 1.14943
17 7 6 -2 2 2 172 1.2 85 5.04 / 1.19048
18 8 7 -2 3 2 191 1.3 90 4.86 / 1.23457
19 9 8 -2 3 2 211 1.4 95 4.68 / 1.28205
20 10 9 -3 3 3 232 1.5 100 4.5 / 1.33333
21 12 10 -3 4 3 254 1.6 100 4.32 / 1.38889
22 14 12 -3 4 3 277 1.8 100 4.14 / 1.44928
23 16 15 -4 5 4 301 2 100 3.96 / 1.51515
24 18 20 -4 5 4 326 2.2 100 3.78 / 1.5873
25 20 25 -4 6 5 352 2.4 100 3.6 / 1.66667
26 22 30 -5 6 5 400 2.6 100 3.42 / 1.75439
27 25 40 -5 7 6 450 2.8 100 3.24 / 1.85185
28 30 50 -6 8 7 500 3 100 3.06 / 1.96078
29 40 70 -6 10 8 600 3.5 100 2.88 / 2.08333
30 50 100 -7 15 10 1000 4 100 2.7 / 2.22222

¹ Either POW or WIS can be used to calculate MgB (magic bonus).
² Percentage for learning either skills (INT), incantations (INT), or prayers (WIS).

Secondary stats

The secondary stats are:

  • score - The total accumulated experience of the character. score is increased as a reward for appropriate player action and may decrease as a result of a magical attack or character death (see section death for more about death.) The score starts at a value of 0.
  • level- A rating of overall ability whose value is determined from the score. As the level of the character increases, the character becomes able to succeed at more difficult tasks. A character's level starts at a value of 0 and may range up beyond 100. The value of the stat which appears in the stat window is sometimes known as the overall level. See section experience for more details.
  • hit points ("Hp") - Measures of how much damage the player can take before dying. Hit points are determined from the player level and are influenced by the value of the character CON (see section statistics calculation.) Hp value may range between 1 to beyond 500 and higher values indicate a greater ability to withstand punishment.
  • mana ("Sp") - Measures of how much "fuel" the player has for casting incantations. Mana is calculated from the character level and the value of the character POW (see section statistics calculation.) Mana values can range between 1 to beyond 500. Higher values indicate greater amounts of mana.
  • grace("Gr") - How favored the character is by the gods. In game terms, how much divine magic a character can cast. Character level, WIS and POW effect what the value of grace is (see section statistics calculation.) During play, grace values may exceed the character maximum; grace can take on large positive and negative values. Positive values indicate favor by the gods.
  • weapon class ("Wc") - How skilled the characters melee/missile attack is. Lower values indicate a more potent, skilled attack. Current weapon, user level and STR are some things which effect the value of Wc. The value of Wc may range between 25 and -72. See section statistics calculation for more detail explanation of weapon class. See section combat to see how Wc works in attacking.
  • damage ("Dam") - How much damage a melee/missile attack by the character will inflict. Higher values indicate a greater amount of damage will be inflicted with each attack. See section statistics calculation for a calculation of the character Dam.
  • armour class ("Ac") - How protected the character is from being hit by any attack. Lower values are better. Ac is based on the character race table and is modified by the DEX (AcB column in table primary stat effects) and current armour worn. For characters that cannot wear armour, Ac improves as their level increases (see section statistics calculation.)
  • armour("Arm") - How much damage (from attacktype: physical) that will be subtracted from successful hits made upon the character. This value ranges between 0 to 99%. Current armour worn primarily determines Arm value.
  • speed- How fast the player may move. The value of speed may range between nearly 0 ("very slow") to higher than 5 ("lightning fast"). Base speed is determined from the DEX and modified downward proportionally by the amount of weight carried which exceeds the Max Carry limit (table primary stat effects.) The armour worn also sets the upper limit on speed. (See spoiler for these limits.)
  • weapon speed - Appears in parentheses after the speed in the stat window. This quantity is how many attacks the player may make per unit of time. Higher values indicate faster attack speed (note: lower values are desired for the Win32 client) Current weapon and user DEX effect the value of weapon speed. See section statistics calculation for a calculation of weapon speed.
  • food- How full the character's stomach is. Ranges between 0 (starving) and 999 (satiated). At a value of 0 the character begins to die. Some magic can speed up or slow down the character digestion. Healing wounds will speed up digestion too.
  • partial resistance("PR") - How much damage will be subtracted from successful hits made upon the character by the listed attacktype. For non damaging attacktypes, the resistance value affects saving throw and reduces duration. Higher values are better.

2.1.2 Character Races

Much like the older "paper and pencil" role-playing games Crossfire has adopted the idea of character "race." Each race is meant to compliment the character's chosen class, or if you are up for the challenge - hinder them. Race selection modifies both the starting values and sets the natural upper limit on the primary stats. Important note: Character race is chosen at the time a character is created and can't be changed later on. Below is a list of the bonuses and penalties that apply to the individual races. Keep in mind that Charisma (CHA) was not included as a factor in the Net +/- column. Also, the two races that have an overall + to their stats is because of other limitations imposed on that race, like can't wear armour, etc. This has no overall bearing or effect on in-game matters.

Dwarf +3 -2 +4 -2 -1 -2 -1 0
Elf -2 +3 -2 +2 -3 +2 +4 0
Fire Hatchling +5 0 +6 -3 -8 +5 0 +5
Fireborn -5 +4 0 +2 +2 +7 -2 +10
Gnome -1 -3 -2 0 +3 +3 0 0
Half-Orc +2 +1 +2 -2 -2 -1 -3 0
Halfling -4 +3 +4 0 -3 0 0 0
Human 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Northman +1 +1 +2 -2 -1 -1 0 0
Quetzalcoatl +6 +3 +6 -8 -8 +6 0 +5
Serpentman +2 +2 +4 -2 -2 0 -4 0
Troll +5 -1 +5 -5 -2 -2 -4 0
Wraith -3 +4 -3 +2 -3 +3 -4 0

The table below shows the available character races with the natural stat limits for each. In the "Special" column, the base abilities of that race is listed. "Ac" indicates the base armour class for the character, without any Dexterity bonuses or armour; "Wc" is the starting weapon class for the character, without including any bonuses from Strength, Dexterity or a weapon; "Damage" indicates the base damage value the character has without wielding a weapon.

Creature   STR DEX CON INT WIS POW CHA Special
Dwarf dwarf 23 18 24 18 19 18 19 Ac 10, Wc 21, Dam 1
Fire Hatchling dragon 25 20 26 17 12 25 20 Ac 5, Wc 21, Dam 10
Elf elf 18 23 18 22 17 22 24 Ac 10, Wc 21, Dam 1
Fireborn fireborn 15 24 20 22 22 27 18 Ac 0, Wc 21, Dam 0
Gnome gnome 19 17 18 20 23 23 20 Ac 10, Wc 21, Dam 1, Luck 1
Half-Orc half-orc 22 21 22 18 18 19 17 Ac 10, Wc 21, Dam 1,
Halfling halfling 16 23 24 20 17 20 20 Ac 10, Wc 21, Dam 1, Luck 1
Human human 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 Ac 10, Wc 21, Dam 1
Northman northman 21 23 22 18 19 19 19 Ac 10, Wc 21, Dam 1
Quetzalcoatl quetzalcoatl 26 23 26 12 12 26 20 Ac 5 , Wc 21, Dam 10
Serpentman serpentman 22 22 24 18 18 20 16 Ac 5, Wc 21, Dam 8
Troll troll 25 19 25 15 18 18 16 Ac 6, Wc 21, Dam1
Wraith wraith 17 24 17 22 17 23 16 Ac 6, Wc 21, Dam 1

The table below shows general information about each race along with any bonuses or penalties that may apply to them. "Immunity" means the creature takes no damage from listed attack type; "Protection" means the creature takes 50% normal damage from listed attack type; "Vulnerable" means the character takes double damage from listed attack type. More information on the "Attacktype" can be found in the combat section. The column titled "Special" lists the unique abilities (or penalties) that race may possess.

Creature Immunities: Protection: Vulnerable: Attacktype: Special:
Dwarf       Physical Infravision
Elf       Physical Infravision, SP Regen +1,. HP Regen -1, Sustenance +2
Fire Hatchling       Physical Can't Use Armour, Can't Use Weapons, Clawing Attack, Elemental Focus
Fireborn Poison, Fire   Ghosthit, Drain, Cold Physical, Fire Can´t Use Weapon, Can´t Use Armour, AC increases w/level, SP regen +2
Gnome       Physical Infravision,
Luck +1
Half-Orc   Poison   Physical Infravision
Halfling   Drain   Physical Luck +1
Human       Physical  
Northman   Cold   Physical  
Quetzalcoatl Fire   Paralyze, Cold Physical Can´t Use Armour, Knows Burning Hands, AC increases w/level, Can Levitate, Clawing Attack
Serpentman   Fire, Electricity, Poison, Acid Cold Physical Infravision, Limited Armour Use, Clawing Attack
Troll     Fire Physical Infravision, HP Regen +3, SP Regen -2
Wraith Poison, Ghosthit, Drain, Disease Cold Fire, (Holy Word) Physical Undead, Immune to Disease, Infravision, Food not Required

Generally, the titles of the character races speak for themselves. But you can get a better idea of the potential of a race by checking out a few things. Take a look at the starting equipment and checkout the starting skills (see skills section) for those races you're interested in. You also get a chance to see what kind of access a race has to spell paths (see spell paths.) Keep in mind the following; " Attuned " means spells of this type are easier to learn, take less mana or spell points to cast, and cause more damage; " Repelled " is the opposite of Attuned; " Denied " means you are unable to use or cast spells of this type.

Creature Race Skills: Equipment: Attuned: Repelled: Denied:
Dwarf Smithery        
Elf Bow,
Bowyer, Woodsman
Bow, Quivor, Arrows      
Fire Hatchling          
Fireborn Levitate, Flame Touch, Magic, Praying Ring, Amulet, Power Crystal,  Prayerbook, Spellbook Fire    
Gnome Praying        
Half-Orc Stealing Poison   Turning  
Halfling Stealing, Hiding Drain      
Human Random!        
Northman   Horned Helm   Fire  
Quetzalcoatl Levitate, Clawing, Magic (Burning Hands) Fire    
Troll       Fire  
Wraith Poison, Ghosthit, Drain, Disease*   Cold   Fire

2.1.3 Character Classes

With similitarities to the older "paper and pencil" role-playing games Crossfire has adopted the idea of character "class." Each class is meant to be a template of a particular "style" of play; therefore each choice of class has additional modifiers to the starting values on the primary stats. Important note: Character class is chosen at the time a character is created and can't be changed later on. Below is a list of the bonuses and penalties that apply to the individual classes. The bonuses and penalties stack with those listed for race. Meaning, a Dwarven Alchemist has a bonus of zero for STR (+3 for race, -3 for class = gain of zero.) Keep in mind that Charisma (CHA) was not included as a factor in the Net +/- column.

Alchemist -3 0 -1 +3 0 +1 0 0
Barbarian +3 +2 +3 -6 -1 -1 -2 0
Devotee -2 0 -2 0 +2 +2 1 0
Evoker -2 0 -1 0 0 +3 0 0
Monk +1 +1 +1 0 0 +2 -3 +5*
Ninja +1 +2 +1 0 -2 -2 -1 0
Paladin 0 -1 0 -2 +2 +1 +1 0
Priest -2 -2 -1 0 +3 +2 +2 0
Sorcerer -3 +2 -3 +3 -2 +3 -1 0
Summoner -1 0 -1 +1 0 +1 0 0
Swashbuckler +1 +2 +1 -1 -2 -1 +1 0
Thief 0 +3 -2 +1 -1 -1 -3 0
Warlock +1 -1 +1 0 -2 +1 0 0
Warrior +2 +1 +1 -2 -1 -1 0 0
Wizard -2 0 -2 +2 0 +2 0 0

*A monk can´t use weapons, hence the +5 Net Stat

Here is a list of the additional "Starting Equipment" a character gets once they choose a class. Also listed is any "Special Equipment" (or skills) the character has to help enhance the class. Also shown are the "Starting Skills" a character has when they begin play. "Role" is a general summary or description of the class. Keep in mind that the equipment and skills shown here stack with any skills or equipment a character gets for their choosen race. For instance, a Dwarven Alchemist would start with the following items: a robe, 2 random spellbooks, a talisman, a dagger, and a couldron. He would also posses the following skills: basic, weapon, alchemy, thaumaturgy, and smithery.

Class Sarting Equipment Special Equipment Starting Skills¹ Role
Alchemist Robe, 2 Random Spellbooks, Talisman, Dagger, Couldron Talisman:
attuned detonate, transmute
Basic, Weapon, Alchemy, Thaumaturgy
(Magic-by Talisman)
Mage, Thief
Barbarian Mace, Leather Armour, Helmet, Sack, Round Shield, Boots   No Literacy, Weapon, Bow, Climbing, Woodsman Dumb Fighter
Devotee Robe, Staff, 2 Prayerbooks, 1 Spellbook   Basic, Weapon, Magic, Praying Priest, Mage
Evoker Robe, Talisman, 2 Random Spellbooks, Shorstword, Staff Talisman:
attuned fire, frost, electricity;
 repelled mind, summon, transfer, transmute
Basic, Weapon,
(Magic-by Talisman)
Mage, Fighter
Monk Robe, Sack, Sandals Can´t use weapons Basic, Bow, Meditation, Karate, Sense Magic, Praying, Sense Curse Priest, Thief, Fighter
Ninja Nunchaku, Leather Armour, Bag, Cloak   Basic, Weapon, Bow, Jumping, Hiding, Karate Thief-fighter
Paladin Broadsword, Plate/Shield/Full helm, 1 Prayerbook, Holy Symbol Holy symbol w/protective magic Basic, Weapon, Bow, Praying, Oratory Fighter, Priest
Priest Robe, Quarterstaff, 2 Prayerbooks   Basic, Weapon, Praying, Sense Curse Priest
Sorcerer Robe & Hat (+1 SP), 3 Random Spellbooks Hat +1sp;
No melee weapon skill
Basic, Sense Magic, Thaumaturgy Mage
Summoner Robe, 2 Random Spellbook, Talisman, Shortsword, 1 Prayerbook Talisman:
attuned summon,
 repelled turning
Basic, Weapon, Praying
(Magic-by Talisman)
Mage, Priest, Fighter
Swashbuckler Lightsword, Dagger, Amulet, Sack   Basic, Weapon, Bow, Stealing, Singing Fighter, Thief
Thief Cloak, Shortsword, Lockpicks, Leather Armour   Basic, Weapon, Bow, Stealing, Jeweler Thief
Warlock Lightsword, Leather Armour, 2 Spellbooks, Talisman   Basic, Weapon, Bow,
(Magic-by Talisman)
Fighter. Mage
Warrior Sword, Chain/Shield, Sack   Basic, Weapon, Bow Fighter
Wizard Robe, 2 Random Spellbooks, Dagger, 1 Prayerbook   Basic, Weapon, Praying, Magic Mage, Priest

¹ Unless otherwise noted, Basic skills includes find traps, use magic item, literacy, and disarm traps.

Finally, here are some notes concerning a couple of the more "exotic" races:

Attacks: fire, physical
Protections: immune: fire, poison; vulnerable: ghosthit, drain, cold
Special: levitate, no armour, no weapons, AC increases w/level, SP regen +2; Ac 0; able to wear 2 amulets and 4 rings

Legends say that fireborn are sparks struck off the anvil of creation which had life and spirit, and after time, mind. Those who research magic think that they are relatives of some kind to will 'o the wisps. An observer seeing one for the first time would see a strangely intelligent vortex of flame somehow carrying items without burning them.

Their insubstantial nature makes them both very weak and very quick. Their minds are agile, and they are able to commune well with the gods. However, their area of excellence is magic. They spellcast more powerfully than any other race, and mana flows into them readily. They can even cast cold spells with devastating effectiveness. They all know a basic fire spell.

They have the ability to levitate at will, and they can touch to burn. As they gain more power, they are increasingly difficult to hit with weapons. However, they cannot use weapons or armour, and thereby miss out on many benefits (including powerful magical enchantments) those items may bring. However, a fireborn may wear 2 amulets and 4 rings.

Fire does not harm them, nor poison. Cold, spiritual drain, and physical drain present great peril to them

Attacks: physical
Protections: immune: fire; vulnerable: paralyze, cold
Special: no armour, AC increases w/level, levitate, clawing attack ; Ac 5

Quetzalcoatls are a strange mix of dragon, bird, human, and a dash of the divine. They bear the most resemblance to dragonkind, but are able to manipulate objects with their claws. They are amazingly strong, very quick, and amazingly hardy, but quite stupid and impious (despite the dash of divinity). However, they are strongly magical in nature and usually have a vast reservoir of mana with which to cast any spell they're not too stupid to learn. Often, they're only able to grasp one basic fire spell.

Their strongly draconic nature immures them to fire and helps them with fire spells, but they are vulnerable to cold and paralyzation.

They can grasp weapons, but their bizarre body shape prevents them from using armour, helmets, and other items of apparel usually intended for bipedal creatures with two arms and two legs and a head. Their inability to use armour comes back to haunt them when they compare themselves with other races: highly enchanted armour is usually more beneficial than dragonhide! The wings come in handy: they can use them to 'levitate', and their hide gets thicker as they gain power, compensating them somewhat for not being able to use armour.

Attacks: cold, physical
Protections: immune: drain, ghosthit, poison; protected: cold; vulnerable: fire
Special: undead, immune to disease, infravision, food not required; AC 6

A Wraith is a spirit which has made an evil bargain in order to persist after natural death, or been forced involuntarily into its new undead state. This transformation frees them of the limits of a natural lifespan, and grants them immunity to diseases, poison, and loss of lifeforce. Wraith's also need feel little fear of cold, and they can see well in the dark.

A Wraith's corporeal form has terrible vunlerabilites: Fire and most godpower are dangerous to Wraiths. Their tenuous form makes them quick, and somewhat harder to hit, but also weaker and less hardy.

Wraith's have a strong affinity to magic, especially cold spells, and are very strong spellcasters. However, they cannot use fire spells for fear of self-destruction.

2.2 Generating a character

When you start up Crossfire, you will be asked for a character name followed by a password. If you are playing for the first time, type any name you like; this will be your character name for the rest of the life of that character. Next, type in any password. Remember!: you will need to type the same password again to play that character again! One more note: its not a good idea to use "real" passwords to your computer accounts! Doing so may make your system vulnerable to unscrupulous Crossfire server administrators.

Your next step will be to generate random (primary) stats for your character. You aren't limited to the number of times you can roll your stats - so have fun. Notice that the stats are always arranged that the STR stat has the highest value, the CHA stat has the lowest. You may rearrange the order of these values when you decide that you have rolled some decent stats. Two points: you can never roll a character with better stats than an average of straight 15's, and you can't roll higher than 18 in a stat.

When you roll your character, the stats displayed are the stats you will get as a human (which are unmodified). When satisfied, you can step through a number of races, each with special bonuses in stats.

Section 2.1.2 shows how your basic stats will be changed by choosing a different race. The difference between the natural stat limit and 20 indicates the bonus/penalty assigned to rolled primary stats. For example, a troll has a maximum strength which is 5 higher than 20-that means he will begin with an additional 5 points added to his strength roll. On the other hand, a troll can never get above 15 in intelligence. This means that your rolled character will have 5 less in intelligence if you choose that race. You should also note that any bonus to an ability can't raise the final number above your racial maximum, and no penalty can give you an ability score less then one; the lowest it can ever get is one.

2.2.1 Selecting a character

While each class has its particular strengths and weaknesses, in summary its just a fact that some classes are easier to play than others.

For beginning players, the "simple fighter" characters are the easiest to play successfully. The Dwarf, Human, and Warrior are among good earlier choices. As you gain experience with using Crossfire you may wish to branch out into other "fighter" characters such as the Thief or Elf, or try your hand at playing "spellcaster" characters like the Wizard, Mage, Cleric or Priest. The "exotic" races (e.g. Fireborn, Quetzalcoatl, and Wraith) and the Monk class are the hardest classes to master.

One more note: If you are using the default game (compiled with the skills system), you will probably find any character class that has a low natural INT (for example, the Barbarian class) will have a fairly difficult time at higher levels. Skills, and most importantly, spells, will be more difficult learn. Plan to spend a lot of loot on grimores, prayer books and skill scrolls.

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