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Mailing Lists

Links to Crossfire related mailing lists

Crossfire is under development and new versions are released regularly. To subscribe to the Crossfire Mailing Lists, visit the following:

Crossfire Announcement List
This list is used to announce new versions of Crossfire.

Crossfire Discussion List
This list is used for general discussion and questions, answers, and latest changes and updates.

Crossfire CVS List
This list is used to announce CVS check-ins.

Crossfire Maps Discussion List
This list is for discussing issues related specifically to crossfire maps.

Mailing List Etiquette

  1. When posting a new message or topic, do not reply (and remove all the contents) to an existing email - this "breaks" the message thread capability for the message archive
  2. Keep message subjects relevant and intuitive to the discussion at hand
  3. When posting to the list, do not use HTML format ; Use plain text
  4. Keep file attachments and message size to less then 1 megabyte
  5. All posted content must relate to Crossfire or similar games or game experiences
  6. When replying to a post - trim the unrelated content (to your follow up)
    1. At the very least, remove the list footer from the previous message

Mailing List Posts

The mailing lists are a Public Forum, and as such posts made to the list are given unrestricted rights to:

  1. Publish the post to all members of the list
  2. Retain and publish posts in the web-accessible archives

Any manual editing of posts in any way that must be done by a moderator or administrator is left up to their discretion.