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Shop Guidelines:

The following are various suggestions creating shops in cities or villages. A store does not need to follow all these hints to be accepted, but following these hints will make for more interesting or playable maps.

  • <Don't put super stores in any towns or villages you create. < index>
    With the growing number of maps, players can already make a trip to all the different towns to try and find certain items. A "one-stop-find-all-shop" is not interesting. A good maximum size is about the same size of the shops in the starting City of Scorn.

    Also, making six magic shops of that size and putting them in the same town is not any better than one large magic shop. If you want to have specialized shops, then make each shop smaller. If you just want one shop that sells every type of item (magic, armor, weapons, food, etc), then a large shop is permissible.
  • Make sure the entire interior the shop is covered with tiles. < index>
    Likewise, don't put shops that lead to areas without tiles without going over one of the 'magic doormats'.  A player should never be able to get an unpaid item out of a shop, whether via exit that does not go over the magic doormat, or through spells.