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City of Scorn


This is the city that you would normally start out in.
Otherwise, it is located on the Western middle portion of the Main Continent


This city has it all for players starting out.  Shops and a bank are easily located, along with areas set-up specifically for the player just starting out.  Read the signs located in the middle of the city for some very helpful hints and suggestions.

Suggested Levels:

Level 1 on up, for all classes.

Other Information:

The gates to the north (Port Gate) and the East (East Gate) can be opend by knowing the password (which is found in a map inside of Scorn) or by a Gate or Port Pass (also, found somewhere inside of Scorn.)

Temples to nearly all the gods in Crossfire is in the western side of Scorn.

Several shops are in the north west corner of town.

Shops for craft skills can be found in the central area of the town, not far from the central square fountain. Look for a row of white houses with brown roofs.

In the port area of Scorn, you can find the following: