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Newbie Tower - Walkthrough

A walkthrough for the beginner map

Please note, screen shots are from the GTK Client and content based on Crossfire v1.4.0

Need a guide to take you through the world of Crossfire?

After completing the Beginner's map and selling all of you loot, proceed to the central area of Scorn and look for a tower (city tower) next to the road that travels north and south.

scorn and newbie tower

Stand on top of the tower and press the 'A'-key, that's how you enter most maps.

Upon entering Newbie Tower, you should see a set of doors to the north (wooden door) with kobolds (kobold) and their generators (kobold generator) on the other side. To the west is a key (key). Additional doors/entrances can be found on the sides (east and west) and the very top (north) end of the map.

newbie tower entrance

IMPORTANT: Before opening any doors or chests on this map, stand next to the door or chest and hit the 'S' key (for find traps) and 'D' key (for disarm traps) repeatedly.

Pickup the key (key) if you want to open the door right away, or leave the key on the floor if you wish to physically break down the door.

NOTE: If you pick up the key and touch or attack the door, the key will be automatically used to open the door.

For this walkthrough, we'll assume you've entered the doors on the south end of the map and used the key to open the doors.


The Newbie Tower map is made up hallways in the shape of a large square. In various places, another set of doors leads to another square hallway. Monster difficulty increase as you proceed towards the center of the map.

First Courtyard:
The kobolds will swarm attack you from all possible directions. Since the hallway is only two spaces wide it's relatively easy to fight your way out of a tight spot.

If you have difficulty with the mass numbers of kobolds, flee back out of the doorway and head east or west, then north 5 steps. This allows you to take advantage of the Monster AI (or lack of AI...). Monsters try to take the shortest path to get to you - if a wall is in the way, they just stand on the other side and wait for you to make your move. Use this feature to your benefit and regenerate hit points, spell points, reorganize your equipment, etc.

Generators are located in the northeast and northwest corners; and just beyond the doorways of the north, south, east and west entrances. If you like, you can leave the generators alone and just wait for them to create more kobolds. Dispatch them at your convenience, collect the exp and level up. ;)

Second Courtyard:
Orcs (orc) are waiting for you in here. They are a little tougher then the kobolds, but with a little strategy - you should be able to take of them with relative ease.

Orc Generators (orc generator) can be found in all four corners and at middle of each hallway. Since this courtyard is smaller then the previous one, the orcs will be able to track you down attack much faster then the kobolds. Plus, the generators have a faster creation rate.

If you are overwhelmed by the orcs; head out of the door way, then east or west, then south. The same Monster AI applies here.

Third Courtyard:
Goblins (goblin)are your opposition in the next courtyard. Again, these are tougher then the orcs and kobolds. But that's okay, it just means you gain more experience for vanquishing them.

One things to be careful of with the goblins is they use range weapons - especially bow and arrows. Spellcasters - who typically don't wear armour - be very careful of this!

Goblin generators (goblin generator) can be found in the four corners.

Fourth Courtyard:
More orcs (orc) can be found in the final stage of this map. These orcs are tougher then the ones in courtyard two! No orc generators are found in this courtyard.

There's also at least one gnoll (gnoll) and a gnoll generator (gnoll generator) mixed in with this group of orcs.

This group of monsters won't use range weapons, but they do have better melee skills.

Additional Tips:

  • Use the walls and hallways to your advantage
    • Don't let yourself get surrounded, keep an escape route open
  • Wait until the fighting is over before picking up loot, the weight will just slow down your movement and attack speed
    • When the fighting is over, pick up all the items and carry them back to a shop to sell it
  • Don't be afraid to run away to regenerate Hit Points
    • Eat some food to quickly regenerate a Hit Points (assuming you're not full already)