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Real-time tracking of public servers which also shows the number of players online, ping time, and a brief summary.


There are currently multiple Metaservers as the original (single source) has been retired. The current Metaserver is referred to as Metaserver2.


There used to be two running versions of the Metaserver and were referred to as Metaserver1 and Metaserver2. Clients that are being developed under Trunk (2.x) displayed servers listed in both Metaserver1 and Metaserver2. Clients that are under development in branches/1.x (i.e., the release such as 1.11.0 which is also used by prepackaged Linux distributions) only display servers listed in Metaserver1.

  • GTKv2 client first support for Metaserver1 in r625 on 2000-12-20
  • GTKv2 client Metaserver2 suppport added in r6899 on 2007-08-09
  • JXClient removed Metaserver1 support and added Metaserver2 support in r9370 on 2008-06-26
  • GTKv2 client Metaserver1 support disabled in r14247 on 2011-01-24
  • GTKv2 client Metaserver1 support removed in r19641 on 2014-09-13

How to make your server show up on the metaserver:

Metaserver v2

After you install or configure your server, there is a fill located in etc/ called metaserver2.

The actual location of the metaserver2 file will depend on how the server was originally installed (i.e., by source or by a precompiled package, a dedicated user account for running the server) so be sure to check the following possible locations:

  • /usr/games/crossfire/etc/crossfire/
  • /etc/crossfire/metaserver2
  • /home/crossfire/etc/crossfire/metaserver2

You will need to make the following changes:

  • Line 20, change off to on
  • Line 37, change put.your.hostname.here to a valid server or hostname if DNS is set up correctly for that; If not, then use your server IP Address
  • Lines 56 and 57, update the comments and keep in mind the suggestions and requirements mentioned in the file
  • Lines 63, 64, and 65; This is used to specify or summarize the release status of the archetypes, maps, and server code base. Standard is reserved for what is found in SourceForge SVN, anything besides this should be mentioned. For instance, a server with maps that are available for testing might specify Standard + Testing or Standard + Custom
  • Line 80 should be updated, if any of them apply, using the defined flags listed in this file

NOTE: It can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes for a new server to show up in the Metaserver listing.

Web Listing:


Other Information

Crossfire needs TCP port 13327 open

Metaserver needs TCP port 13326 open

Metaserver1 info has been removed since it is no longer active, supported, or in use