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Lone Town


Northwest corner of the main Pupland continent. You get here by taking the west dragon from Pupland Terminal.


A sparsely populated town with a bank, a tavern, some shops, and some guilds. As with all Pupland maps, there are a lot of secrets and puzzles in this town. Many of these puzzles are connected to the quests in the rest of Pupland.

Suggested Levels:

Really depends on where you go in the town. Some areas are relatively low-level; other areas are quite high-level. See the individual map descriptions for more details.

Other Information:

There are no temples or aligned altars in this town, and no apartments, although there is an inn.

There are many puzzles and complex inter-related storylines in this town, many of them leading to quests and puzzles in the rest of Pupland. What appears to be minor isolated quests eventually turn out to be pieces of one gigantic Pupland puzzle.

Some of the storylines in this town include:

  • The intrigue of the shops. If you are observant, you will notice that shopkeepers seem to be hiding something under the guise of "transports" being "interrupted because of war". At the tavern, you will find out about the gangs of thieves that have been robbing the shops. The town well, which is quite high-level, eventually leads the secret storehouses of the shopkeepers, containing items they have been hiding from the unwary customers, including a Black Market where special items and artifacts are sold to those who are wealthy enough.
  • Heinrich the archaelogist has disappeared. Helping find out what happened to him leads to the quest for the Katana of Masamune, a very powerful Pupland artifact.
  • The reclusive Pupuly has been held captive in his own tower by Nazgul's devils, one of the gangs roving around Lone Town. This is hinted at by a shady character in the town well. Saving Pupuly leads one to the Power Plant outside Lone Town.
  • The Guild of Law vs. the Guild of Freedom. There is a war going on between East and West Pupland; involving the controversial disappearance of the Pupland leader Eureca. The initiation into the Guild of Freedom takes one to the Tower of Ordeal, and at the end, you get the so-called "Pupland password" which allows you to travel to the eastern part of Pupland.

Map Summary Provided by:
Hwei Sheng TEOH