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Index page for Crossfire resources

  • Bitmask Decoder
    Convert bitmasks to Spell school or Attacktype (i.e., 32 is either Attacktype confusion or Spell school self)
  • Calculators
    A couple of web-based calculators using javascript
    • Currency Converter
      A quick way to calculate money conversions or costs between the different types of coins available in the game
    • Party Experience Calculator
      Find out the minimal experience points needed for your party in order for everyone to gain XP points
  • Discord Channel
    An additonal and alternative way to connect to the IRC channel
  • IRC Channel
    A channel to discuss any issue regarding the opensource game Crossfire
  • Mailing Lists
    Email discussion and feedback in regards to Crossfire
  • Traffic
    Communicate the activity surrounding Crossfire in an accessible and non-technical way
  • Web Forum
    Online message board for questions, discussion and feedback
  • Website News
    Updates and changes with the website
  • Twitch
    Links to content on Twitch related to Crossfire
  • Wiki
    This is the Crossfire Documents site, or the Crossfire Documentarium, or the CFDev nook, or that site with the wiki and the docs.
  • YouTube
    Links to content on YouTube related to Crossfire