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Starter Guides

Table of Contents:

The introductory books that many of the characters start with based on their class/profession.

You open the guide to Alchemy and start reading.

  • To practice the art of alchemy, you will first need to learn some recipes. These can be found in some of the old books that are sold in magic shops.
  • To earn your a little money, you should kill some orcs/goblins and cast the spell "alchemy" over the loot, turning it into small gold nuggets.
  • When you know some recipes, you must try to collect the listed ingredients. Some can be bought in alchemy-shops, others must be collected in dungeons. To identify unknown minerals or potions type "use_skill alchemy".
  • Once you got all ingredients to complete a recipe, you must put them into your cauldron. The amount of ingredients must also be correct. Put the cauldron on the floor, close it and "use_skill alchemy" upon it. If you are lucky you will get what you longed for.
  • Use alchemy to earn money as well as for creating potions/balms for combat.

You open the guide to the Art of Summoning and start reading.

  • Basically there are two classes of summoning spells: 1. The golem-like spells summon a creature that will move straight forward attempting to kill any monster blocking the way. 2. The petmonster-like spells are capable of summoning masses of little helpers, fighting for your cause.
  • Use golem-like spells to take down strong enemies. For example: "summon golem", "summon xxx elemental", "staff to snake", "summon avatar".
  • Use pet monsters to clear out large maps with creatures of decent level (compared to yours). For example: "summon pet monster", "summon cult monster", "call holy servant".
  • As you raise your skill-level, most summoning spells will increase in power.
  • It is probably stupid to use *nothing* except summoning spells. But there are situations where a summoner survives while another wizard would have died. And once you have seen the first Balrog fall to your avatar, there will be no doubt about your power.

You open the guide to Close Combat and start reading.

  • To become a mighty warrior, you need basically three things: A good weapon, good armour and physical toughness. Then you can kill your foes simply by "running into them".
  • Physical toughness means you will need high Str (for good attacking power) and Con (for many hit points) -stats. Look for "potions of Strength/Constitution". Try to get items that speed up your health-regeneration too.
  • Weapons will be very important for you. Note that every weapon has certain "attacktypes". Most monsters are vulnerable able to one or two attacktypes. Search for artifact weapons and experiment with different weapons on different monsters.
  • You should know that there are ways to enchant ordinary weapons. However, it tends to be very costly.
  • It can be helpful to advance at least a very little bit in divine magic. Spells for healing, curing and protections can save your life more than once.
  • Use resist. potions to level up quickly.
  • Feeling strong already? Hah - You're a greenhorn unless you can at least kill a titan with one hit!

You open the guide to Faith and start reading.

  • If you plan to utilize divine powers you must first choose a cult. Enter a temple of the cult you want to join. Step onto the altar and pray (type "use_skill praying"). The divine spirit will touch your soul, attuning your mortal being to your god.
  • Next you must learn prayers. Prayer books can be bought in magic shops. Some prayers will have different effects for every cult. Try to find "holy word" and "bless".
  • Casting divine spells (= prayers) will drain grace. When it runs low, pray to renew your faith. If your maximum grace is too low you should try to increase your Wisdom stat.
  • You can change cults anytime, but beware: Your former deity will become very angry and punish you! You might lose wisdom levels.
  • Return to the temple of your cult regularly. Step onto the altar and pray. This will please your deity.. And rest assured, the gods do know how to reward a worthy disciple!
  • Never lose your faith! Rumors tell about divine spells of incredible power, and of old, wise priests that have almost reached immortality..