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Magic and Religion

If a spell path is repelled for a particular god (or item) that means your effective casting level is 5 levels lower then usual. Example: a level 5 priest of Mostrai (Denied: Summoning) is trying to cast summon cult monster. In this case, the effective level (which is zero) is lower than lowest level of all creatures that might be summoned, so the priest can't summon anything.

The spells that do work against magic-immune creatures are: summon golem, summon air elemental, summon fire elemental, summon water elemental, summon earth elemental, summon pet monster, build bullet wall, build lightning wall, build fireball wall, and soon dancing sword and animate weapon.

There are even two commands that will give you the full list of Alchemy formulae that you can use:
crossfire -m7 will dump the alchemy table in a compact format
crossfire -m9 will give you a more detailed list, comparing the costs of the result with the cost of the ingredients.

Talisman = magic, Holy Symbol = wisdom. Some characters have those skills without these objects (you can learn these, too --- read a scroll of piety for praying, legerdermain for wizardry). Not a good idea for experienced players.

Spells = magic, prayer = wisdom. Addition: you should mention the holy word prayer to kill enemies of your god. There aren't very many offensive prayers. Another lowlevel one is cause light wounds (followers of either Valriel or Gaea cannot cast this).

You get wisdom experience by killing monsters with prayers [ed. same goes for wizardry with spells]. The usual way to get the first few levels is to use the holy word prayer to kill enemies of your god. A good thing to do is to make a keybinding like this: "invoke holy word;use_skill pr;stay fire;stay fire;stay fire" This will cast a holy word into the direction your are facing and restore your grace afterwards (assuming you are still level 1 in praying --- you'll need more "stay fire" for higher levels).

The difference between "cursed" and "damned": Damned is harder to get rid of (Scrolls of remove damnation are harder to come by). Generally, only the worst items (items of woe) are actually damned.

The things that are probably the closest to being a "guild" are the cults. You have to join a cult by praying on an altar of the god, and you can join only one cult (for low/midlevel characters changing the cult is costly since you loose experience). Beginners should always join Valriel --- Mostrai looks good, too, but is more difficult to play. ... The important thing are the enemies. Valriel has undead and demon as enemies, which means there are low-, mid- and highlevel enemies. Valriel doesn't have a real disadvantage either. Holy possession of Valriel grants immunity to confusion, which is not that useful, but usually helpful for lowlevel characters.

Finding a god's altar: There are temples to various gods scattered throughout the crossfire world. Several can be found in temple row in scorn, and a similar cluster exists near navar market. For some of the gods that do not have a temple placed that conveniently, you will have to go exploring. In general temples can be found in places that match with a god's personality.
[C.S., B.L.]

Response to some questions about Lythander: (read more about the gods in Appendix C ) When you start to worship Lythander you automatically become protected against confusion, but you only gain the immunity when you cast the holy possession prayer on yourself (the same applies to the other cults that have an immunity - priests only gain it whenever they cast that prayer).

... cause wounds and holy word are both lvl 1 prayers, holy word only works against the enemies of your god (goblins and trolls in your case), while wounding works against anyone. However, holy word is an area spell,so it affects more enemies at once. At higher lvls there are the higher cause wounds spells, banishment instead of holy word, and you can use the holy servant or the avatar against opponents (again, this works against all opponents, not just the enemies - however, the allies are exempt).

When praying over a god´s alter to "enchant" your weapon, ... the maximum plus your weapon can get this way is "wisdom level/5". So you need to be wisdom-level 5 to get to +1, wisdom-level 10 to get to +2 and so on.