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GTK-v1 Client

This client is deprecated and no longer supported; do not use it!


From: David Sundqvist
"The gtk client (gcfclient) is just a gtk frontend for the cf client. It's included in the ordinary crossfire-client distribution, and at building time it will get built too if gtk is detected on the system during configure. The GTK client uses gx11.c while the ordinary client uses x11.c. All other infrastructure is common between the two client versions, and only the implementation of the actual display routines vary. I'm the primary writer of the GTK frontend, while Mark Wedel takes care of the rest."

This client only works on server releases 1.11.0 and earlier.

Current Version:

Support and updates for this client have been discontinued due to required libraries no longer being maintained. Last released version was 1.11.0 on 2008-Jan-28.

Screen Shot:

A screen shot of the GTK Client is here.



Source Code: