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Java Crossclient

This client is deprecated and no longer supported; do not use it!


A client for the RPG/MMORPG Crossfire, written entirely in java

Current Version:

This client code base is no longer maintained and has been replaced by the JX Client. Last release for this client was 1.0-alpha 4 on 20-Apr-2006.

Screen Shot:




Release Notes:

These are the release notes for jcrossclient 1.0 alpha4:

JCrossclient is a java client for the Free Software RPG/MMORPG crossfire (www.crossfire.real-time.com) and can be used to connect to crossfire servers all over the world.

Please note that this is an alpha release, and therefore should not be considered suitable for use as a main client (yet). Whilst most major bugs should now be fixed, there is no guarantee that this is the case.

Any bugs, comments, suggestions, queries, etc should be sent to the jcrossclient mailing list: jcrossclient-devel@lists.sourceforge.net

Noteworthy changes since the previous release:

Major Changes

  • Significant Speedups to the map display code
  • Simplified build process
  • Support for dropping/picking up part of a stack
  • Interface is now tabbed, to take up less space
  • Magic Map support
  • Metaserver support
  • Actions menu
  • Display the contents of containers in the Main Panel

Minor Changes

  • Inventory and examine windows scroll faster.
  • Resistances are displayed with the rest of the stats
  • Many old menu options removed
  • Create a settings pane
  • Parse item2 packets, and sort inventory by them.
  • Item locking now works
  • 't' key acts like the quote key to focus talkwindow
  • Title is settable by clicking on character name

Known Bugs (please report any issues not on this list)

  • Hitting enter in the talkwindow with an empty line doesn't return focus to the mapwindow
  • Using comma to pickup items only picks up one at a time.
  • Scrollbars for the inventory window sometimes need resized to be usable.

This latest version of jcrossclient can be obtained from the jcrossclient sourceforge page http://sourceforge.net/projects/jcrossclient under the 'files' section.

This release is available both as a pre-compiled jar file, and a source tarball, these files (and their corresponding MD5sums) are:

jcrossclient-1.0alpha4.jar 71b049aae55522e69ef3a5b3623b75ad
jcrossclient-1.0alpha4.tar.gz 1186a8483a302acaa1703cfa922250fb

Additionally, there is an experimental java webstart file for this release, which can be found at:


Please note, this is /experimental/ and is not guaranteed (nor even likely) to be the permanent home for this.

Nonetheless, any reports of success/failure in using this would be most welcome.

Other Information:

Paraphrase and summarized from the current developer:

jcrossclient is a client written entirely in java, which was abandoned in 2000 (http://www.bolthole.com/jcrossclient/) and picked up again around Nov-2005. It has a SourceForge project page which has more information https://sourceforge.net/projects/jcrossclient

The client should work correctly with any operating system running java 1.4 or later. (if it doesn't, that is a bug, please post the details of your setup/error messages). It also supports (in principle) all modern crossfire servers (there are a couple of dated bits of protocol code still, but they are gradually being updated.)

If you have a suitable java vm installed*, you should just be able to double click on it and have it work.

Source Code: