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Windows Client

This client is deprecated and no longer supported; do not use it!


CROSSFIRE WIN32 Client software
(As found in the readme.txt that comes with the client, with a few changes for the website.)

Note: This client is abandonware, source code is unavailable

Current Version:

Not available, abandonware

Screen Shots:

Available in the screen shot section

Source Code:

Not Available

Other Information:

  Hello to everyone, who likes to spend some time
  hacking creatures at Crossfire worlds!

  Here is an attempt to bring this worlds on the
  large x86 Windows platform.

general information
  - cfc.exe, 898048 bytes, PE format for Intel x86 processors
  - Program version
  - Crossfire protocol versions: 1010-1022
  - Non-blocking sockets used.
  - quite a well working program version

system requirements
  - NT 4.0 or Win9x
  - Display mode at 256, 64k or more colors, 800x600x16bit is recommended.
  - Quite fast Socks5 or direct Internet connection,
    do not forget - the game plays in real-time!
  - Mouse is recommended

how to use
    of course, many buttons have hints, just keep mouse over for
    some time to see them

  - unpack files to any directory
  - start the cfc.exe
  - check the button for setup window, to change settings,
    Server's address,
    SOCKS proxy address, if you work through a firewall
    ( no SOCKS authorization currently, check for new versions )
  - check the button for about window
  - click on "Connect" to try selected server ( check setup )
    etc - etc

  strange black-white rectangles are the signs of images
  currently not available on client
  ( not cached and not arrived from server ).
  they should be changed to normal pictures very soon.

  by default, program creates a subdirectory called
  "cache" where all graphics fetched from server are
  stored locally.

  right click mouse to invoke control specific menu.

  F2 - command string
  F3 - ground items
  F4 - inventory mode
  F5 - map mode
  F6 - container ( if available )
  F7 - chat window

  ESC - minimize

  map mode
    arrow keys, numpad keys - direction move
    A     - apply first object currently on ground
    space - apply default object
    G     - get default object
    enter - apply first non-pickable object on ground
    E     - examine default object

    mouse click - move into directions shown by cursor
    Shift + click - run into direction while shift is held
    Ctrl + click - fire into direction while mouse buttton is held

  inventory mode, ground
    arrow keys - item selection
    enter -  open menu
    A  - apply
    E  - examine
    G  - get into inventory ( from ground or from container )
    D  - drop on ground ( from inventory or container )
    L  - lock
    M  - mark
    P  - put item in currently opened container

  Alt+R  run mode toggle ( really it is started after a direction is pressed )
  Alt+F  fire mode toggle ( similar to run )

  Ctrl+S save character ( remember, if server accidentally crashes, you
    may lose xp and nice looted stuff, so save! )

  Ctrl-C show spell window
  Ctrl-R ready selected spell in selected list (last clicked)
  Ctrl-P ready selected priest spell
  Ctrl-W ready selected wizard spell
  Ctrl-B show bind window (also bind window is opened by 'bind command)

  Ctrl0 .. Ctrl9  execute binded command

  chat mode
    Ctrl+Enter while typing text - say or shout, see pressed button
    Enter      while typing text - tell to selected person

history & changes
-----------------  First release  5 March 1999
  - changed map redraw mode, now it is faster
  - real RGB values of XPMs used now, not system colors
  - XPMs are parsed faster
  - partial item handling added ( only for ground items )
      sorry - haven't enough time to make inventory
  - automatic login added to setup
  - few direction buttons added
  - useless (for now) page control added
  - some thanks added to the About box
  - few bug fixes
  - few small improvements  12 March 1999
  - map can be focused, so arrow, numpad keys can
    be pressed for direction move etc
  - "Objects On Ground" control added
  - "Inventory" control added
  - some stats added
  - few nice improvements  17 March 1999
  - added drop/pickup count
  - can play with 1010 protocol version servers,
    maybe even others, but not tested
  - added some stats
  - added item flag display
  - lag indicator
  - run/fire modes added
  - few bug fixes
  - few pretty improvements  22 March 1999
  - changed window size and entire layout
  - very fast map update, now it works (and looks) a lot better on Win9x
  - all stats are displayed now
  - fixed some bugs
  - few minor improvements  26 March 1999
  - added single pulse fire mode
  - added some shortcuts
  - improved dialogs ( query/reply ), works fine while character rolling
  - added magicmap handling
  - added item marking ( used for improvement, flint and steel etc )
  - added some servers in list ( use Setup/Restore to see new list )
  - added popup menus for info window ( say selected, cast selected )
  - added self casting
  - fixed some bugs  08 April 1999
  - fixed an item flag bug
  - more detailed SOCKS responds
  - containers are now implemented
  - escape is minimize
  - mouse click movement/fire
  - little changed layout
  - some shortcuts changed/added  09 April 1999
  - command line - typeahead lookup added
  - autoselect for ground added
  - fixed a cursor  15 April 1999
  - added text trigger support
  - added chat window! (captures and manages all says/shouts/tells)
  - added spell window! (captures and manages spell casts)
  - fixed some minor bugs
  - added some setup options
  - other improvements  20 April 1999
  - added some shortcuts
  - extended trigger script
  - added some spell window buttons
  - added bind window and bind command
  - fixed some bugs
  - added few setup options
  - other improvements  20 October 1999
  - added connection manager
  - added servlist.cf - server configuration file
  - added players.cf - player configuration file, with editable triggers
  - changed setup (due to connection manager etc)
  - fixed level graph bug
  - added some buttons

todo section
o Archived image cache
o Carried item weights
o Inventory item animation
o Maybe item drag'n'drop
o More commands / buttons
o Autosave?
o Shortcuts / movement-action keys
o Server connection manager, with server specific options
o Alternate outlook - hmm...
o Maybe a cache database file, to keep all XPMs together
o Maybe a thread will be added to parse data from server

todoes are being formed from the incoming e-mail wishes
and during test playing sessions of the author.

author's info
e-mail: Valerye Bostan < robo@master.md >

web site

download sites
check the web site for latest versions