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Crossedit FAQ

This page is in the very early stages of being setup.  I am using information posted on the mailing list to compile this FAQ.

The basic operation of the Editor is this:

  1. You middle click over an item in the map.
  2. This will then have that space show up in the main crossedit window (the one which also have all the items to choose from, as well as the pick and walls button.)
  3. Middle click over an item in that look window, and you get a pop window showing the object attributes.
    Many objects have specific values that are shown in a friendly way - all values can be tweeked by entering the variable and value name in the 'variable window'. I.e., an item may not have the Str field displayed, but you can enter 'Str 30' in the variable window, hit apply, and that object now has strength 30.

How do I bind the map to a spot on the game map?
   (i.e. a house in Scorn so you can enter it)

  1. Load up the map you want to link to.
  2. Select (or add) the object you want to link it to.
  3. Enter the path (i.e., /city/city, /map/whatever) where the map is, as well as the x & y coordinates.
  4. On the other map, do the reverse.
  5. Note that path names are relative to the map directory, which is why /city/city works. If you leave the first slash off (i.e., do 'house1'), it searches for that map in the same directory the map it is linked from is.

How do I link items in the game?
   (i.e. Handle "A" opens Door "A")

  1. As above.
  2. Select the object, and it shows a connected field.
  3. Enter a numeric value.
  4. Select the object you want it linked to (must be on the same map, and something that is linkable in that way), and enter the same connected value.