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Raffle 1


The western house of the raffle area. Use the dragon transport to Pupland. On the crossing take the stairs down to get to the raffle area.


Raffles are lotteries. Go get the raffle card, which allows you to play once.

Suggested Levels:

Level 5 might not be able to complete raffle1. Level 7 or 8 should be good.

Monsters encountered:

  • 1 orc :-)
  • Lots of goblins
  • Lots of zombies
  • Lots of skeletons (depends on how you clear the map --- I never have to face skeletons)
  • 1 "trapped and hurt hill giant" (already wounded, easy kill)
  • Lots of hill giants (only if you are too slow...)

Items Found:

A raffle1 card. Playing raffle1 yields one of:

Chance Item
1/2 toilet paper (useless, valuable)
1/4 improvement potion
1/8 random talisman
1/16 diamond of exceptional beauty
1/32 mithril chainmail (ac+4)(armor+25)
1/64 rucksack
1/128 raffle2 key
1/256 battle axe (dam+21)(Attacks: physical) Weight 10kg
1/512 gray unicorn horn (dam+5)(Attacks: physical) Weight 3kg
1/1024 kobold dagger +3 (dam +6)(slay troll) Weight 6kg
1/2048 Yoroi of Banzai (ac+4)(armor+10)(Immune: death) Weight 5kg
1/4096 Katana of Masamune +3 (Str+2)(Dex+2)(Con+2)(Wis+1)(dam+25)
(slay undead)(Attacks: physical, weaponmagic)
(Immune: drain, ghosthit)(Protected: depletion)
1/8192 Oilskin cloak -4 (damned)(Dex-1)(ac+1)(armor+3)
(Immune: acid)(Protected: acid) Weight 1kg
1/16384 Gale Armour (Dex+2)(ac+4)(armor+40)(Protected: electricity)
Weight 10kg

Other Information:

  • Zombie corpses are reasonably valuable, so raffle1 is an excellent source of money for low level players.
  • This is also supported by the fact that virtually every time you play the raffle1 you'll get toilet paper or an improvement potion.

Map Summary Provided by:
Christian Stieber