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Run Time Commands

Table of Contents:

All the commands, and descriptions of them, that are part of Crossfire.


This section contains all the commands that can be used while playing Crossfire, along with a description of what they do.

Command Summary:

Movement : A player can move in any of 8 directions:

The defaults are as follows. The 'S' (as in capital S) key is called the brace key, what this will do is brace a player so they may attack in any of the given directions without actually moving in that direction.

                      y   k   u
                       \  |  /         
                     h -- S -- l
                       /  |  \   
                      b   j    n

A player may also use the arrow keys for movement, but that will not let them move diagonally.

Ideally, using the numeric keypad will let a player move their character easily in all 8 directions. This is the recommended approach.

To fire a missile weapon or cast a spell in any of the given direction, the player can use the shift key: Example <SHIFT> - l will cast a missile to the right.

A player can use the control key to run in a given direction instead of just moving one square: Example <CTRL> - l will make the character run to the right. This combination works great when attacking monsters, too.

To attack a monster in hand to hand combat, all a player must do is move into that monster, if that monster is in an adjacent square.

Mouse commands: <index>

  • Left Mouse Button : examine
  • Right Mouse Button : drop / get
  • Middle Mouse Button : apply

Client Side Commands:

The command list has been migrated to the wiki, located at http://wiki.cross-fire.org/dokuwiki/doku.php/player_commands