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Gaea's Garden


Look for a small, white building with a teal roof in the south central area of Darcap.


This mapp looks like a large, outdoor garden, but also serves as a temple since it has alters dedicated to Gaea.

Suggested Levels:

Any.  However, there are some monsters there that you can fight.  For that, level 9 for all classes.  You probably could get by with a lower level, if you attack carefully.

Monsters Encountered:

Special name monsters like, Servants of Gaea, Ents, Air Servant of Gaea, Water Servant of Gaea, Fire Servant of Gaea, Earth Servant of Gaea, Holy Man of Gaea

Other Information:

There appears to be a small tunnel in the north east corner, but you have to kill an Ent to get to it.
There are also several clovers (or mints) and roses growing in the garden.  These might be useful for Alchemy.