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Water Well

Part of the, "Dtabb Elemental Quest"


The entrance is a water well, located in the southern section of Darcap, near the wall.


The "Water" part of the Elemental Quest. Large maze like map with boulders and dividing walls on a background of water. Monsters converge rapidly once the doors are opened so plan your escape route!

Suggested Levels:

The signs says Level 8 or Higher, but I would say level 12 or higher.  The Giant Water Cobra is very deadly.

Monsters Encountered:

Water Elementals, Water Para-Elementals, Acid Spheres, Green Slimes, Black Puddings, Giant Water Cobras, Blobs

Items Found:


Other Information:

Be very careful (and prepared) for the Giant Water Cobras and their poison.



Map Summary Provided by:
Stephen Wade