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Lone Town well


The well in the center of Lone Town.


This intrigue-ridden well is the starting point of many of the quests in Lone Town. It consists of two levels:

  • The first level is relatively easy, and can probably be completed by a Level 8 character (depending on equipment). There is a secret passage here that leads to a den of thieves who have been plundering the shops in town. However, to know what to say to the guard, you will need to have completely explored the second level of the well.
  • The second level is very dangerous, and contains high-level monsters. It is a labyrinth of hard-to-find secret passages and hidden walls. If you can solve the puzzles here, you will find passages that lead to the basements of the town shops. Some of them have been plundered, while others appear to be in league with the thieves. If you "save" a captured thief from his captors in one of the shop basements, he will tell you a password you can use to meet the boss in the first level of the well. The boss may have important information to help you with the Pupland quest.

Suggested Levels:

Level 8 for the first level of the well, with the proper equipment. At least level 12 or 15 for the second level.

Monsters Encountered:

On the first level:
killer bees, beholders, skeletons, orcs, goblins, gnolls, ogres, small and large trolls, scorpions, ice para-elemental. Good AC and armour are highly recommended to protect against the killer bees.

On the second level:
two liches, vampires, two electric dragons, a red dragon, an ice dragon, and a Titan. Because of the multitude of hidden passages where nasty monsters can hide, extra caution is advised. It is highly recommended to dispatch all the vampires at the outset; they may trap you inside a secret passage by going around randomly pulling switches.

Items Obtained:

Battle Axe (dam+21) - a light-weight weapon with very good damage, very good for low- to mid-level spellcasters who want a damaging weapon that isn't too heavy for spellcasting.

All standard artifacts (non-quest specific artifacts), all skill scrolls. These are found in the Black Market. You will need a lot of diamonds to get in, and the prices are higher than what it would be when sold in a normal shop; but if you have the money to spend and can't find what you want elsewhere, this is a good place for getting it.

Map Summary Provided by:
Hwei Sheng TEOH