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Tower of Ordeal


The tower west of Lone Town in Pupland. The key to the entrance is obtained by joining the Liberation Army -- go to the Guild of Freedom in Lonetown for more information.


A multilevel tower of assorted monsters. The goal is to get to the scroll inside an enclosed area on the first floor. You need to know the spells Create Earthwall and Dimension Door to get inside the enclosed area. However, initially, no spells are allowed; the switch to enable spellcasting requires you to solve the rest of the tower. You have to descend to the bottom level, and then work your way to the top, and then come down again.

First, you go down to the dungeons with some orcs, goblins, and ogres. At the bottom level, there is some heavily-trapped treasure with a very hidden fake wall that leads to the ladder to go up.

On the way up from the dungeon, you have to fight faerie dragons -- always keep in mind that faerie dragons are immune to magical attacks (although not to fire/cold area spells). The next level up features wraiths, wights, and other undead. If you find the secret area, there are also ghasts and nightmares guarding some treasures.

Then you climb up a flight of stairs past the main floor, and fight beholders. There is a secret area behind a fake wall with some nice treasures here. The next level has wild pyromaniac generators -- watch out for those bombs!! If you have good, fast weapons, one strategy is to work your way around the level, run past the pyromaniacs and let them blow up themselves with their generators. (This is a very risky strategy -- be sure you have adequate protection and means of healing in case of emergencies.)

Above this is a level with demon generators. Not too bad once you have the right equipment.

The next floor has some poisonous giant cobras, a Henchman of Ordeal in the form of a behemoth, and a Manager of Ordeal in the form of a Dread beholder. The Manager Dread is very slow, though, unlike usual Dreads; so it is slightly less dangerous to fight. You need to kill it to get the key to unlock the door on the top floor.

The top floor is a small room with some treasure chests -- but watch out for nasty traps! If you're low-level, don't try to disarm the death traps; you'll probably get killed instantly. Characters with a high enough level are not affected. You might find some nice artifacts here.

Then it's time to go down. Don't be careless now, however; when you pass the beholders floor, you still have to kill a row of them to reach the other stairs down.

Once you're back on the first floor, pull the lever to enable spellcasting, and use your Dimension Door spell to claim your reward.

Suggested Levels:

Depends on how far you go. Level 3-5 for the first two dungeon levels at the beginning; probably level 6-8 or more on the way back up, and level 10-13 or higher to complete the quest. (These figures may differ depending on what kind of equipment you have.)

Monsters Encountered:

Orcs, goblins, gnolls, skeletons, ogres, faerie dragons, wights, wraiths, ghasts, nightmares, beholders, wild pyromaniacs, demons, giant cobras, Henchman of Ordeal (behemoth), Manager of Ordeal (slow Dread).

Items Found:

Oilskin cloak -4 (resist acid +70)

Other Information:

The oilskin cloak -4 may be cursed -- uncurse at an altar as needed. The -4 bonus may be a drawback; but if you have spare scrolls of Enchant Armour, you can reduce the drawback (or even get it to 0). However, that increases the weight slightly.


Map Summary Provided by:
 Hwei Sheng TEOH