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Magic Show


North side of Lone Town, next to the north wall.


You get to watch a disappearing act by the local town magicians. You may get a reward as well, if you're honest with the obnoxiously annoying beholder salesman. This may seem trite, but as with almost everything in Pupland, the knowledge you gain here will be essential in a later Pupland quest.

There is also a Dressing Room, next to the Magic Show building, where the conjurers for the Magic Show dress up in their costumes. If you are high-level enough, you might find something valuable hidden deep in the intrigue-ridden confines of the Dressing Room.

Suggested Levels:

Level 1 if all you do is watch the Magic Show with no ulterior motives. Much higher if you get nosey and start poking around. The Dressing Room requires at least level 10-15, to be on the safe side; but it really depends on what protections you have. If you've been to Red Town, you'll have learned that Pupland conjurers are not to be trusted...

Monsters Encountered:

Various types of conjurers of different levels of difficulty; some are quite deadly. Proper protections are highly advised before getting into any fights on these maps. There may be a skull or two in the deep recesses of the Dressing Room.

Other Information:

Somewhere in the Magic Show, you might discover the cheap paper imitation of Beelzebub's Sword which is used in the Magic Show. This could come in useful in one of the Red Island quests...

Map Summary Provided by:
Hwei Sheng TEOH