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A massive gray building with spires and arches in the far southern area of Navar, near the city wall.


A grand cathedral with lots of seats. Looks like a great place for religious ceremonies.

There is some intrigue going on here, however. The dwarven priests seem to know things they won't tell anybody. See if you can prove yourself 'worthy' by solving their little riddle.

Monsters Encountered:

Dwarven priests (unaggressive).

Recommended Levels:

All levels. No fighting required.

Other Information:

This is part of the smugglers' quest. Talk to the high court officials in the High Court Building for information about the quest.

Hint about the riddle: the requested items are not expensive or valuable items, in spite of the lofty tone of the riddle. The keyword is 'drink'.

The Key is to open some door somewhere in town... can you find a place in town that has a suspicious-looking locked door? (Hint: locked doors in residential houses are not suspicious; don't bother checking out every house.)

Map Summary Provided by:
Hwei Sheng TEOH