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A white arena or collosium in the far northwest corner of Navar, near the city walls.


An arena where you get to watch two Titans, Titus and Markus, duke it out with each other. If you're feeling brave, you can pay a fee to join the battle and show off your combat skills.

Watch out for "The Judge": he believes in unfair competition and corruption, and will gladly help you lose the battle.

Monsters Encountered:

Titans (Titus and Markus)
The Judge (grimreaper: make sure you have drain resistance!)
Various unaggressive NPCs and guards.

Recommended Levels:

Level 1 if you're just watching; level 12 or 15 if you're trying to be a hero. Possibly more depending on how well-prepared you are.

Other Information:

The Judge is hostile. You should put on drain protection before entering the battle.

Map Summary Provided by:
Hwei Sheng TEOH