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CVS via Windows

On 2006-Sept-19, Crossfire migrated from CVS to SVN - which was chosen due to desired key features that were voted upon via the mailing list and the wiki.

Table of Contents:

TortoiseCVS lets you work with files under CVS version control directly from Windows Explorer. It's freely available under the GPL.

Download & Installation

  1. Download Tortoise CVS from http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/tortoisecvs/TortoiseCVS-1.8.22.exe

  2. Select a download location from one of the SourceForge mirrors

  3. Wait for Tortiose CVS to download

  4. Locate and double click the .exe file or open the file from your Downloads window

  5. Select a language

  6. Click Next in the setup window

  7. Select an installation directory - the default location should be fine, click on Next

  8. Make sure that Full installation (the default) is selected and click on Next

  9. Select Yes, restart the computer now (unless you have a reason to do otherwise) and click on Finish


  1. Create a directory (aka folder) to save and store all the maps (example name: maps)

  2. Right click on that folder and select CVS Checkout...

  3. A new menu screen will appear, fill in the following values (you'll only have to do this once unless something changes in the near future) and click on OK when finished

    • Protocol: Password server (:pserver:)
    • Server: cvs.sourceforge.net
    • Repository folder: /cvsroot/crossfire
    • User name: anonymous
      (If you have developer access, then enter in your SourceForge login name here)
    • Module: maps-bigword

  4. A progress dialog window will appear indicating if there are any errors, new files to check out or if all your files are up to date

  5. The map folder will now contain all of the available maps