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Drunken Shark


A small, light brown cabin, in the southwestern area of Port Joseph.


A couple of different rooms with wandering people. Watch where you´re going, since they people here like to start fights. This is actually the beginning of the Moogly Bill pirate quest. Talk to some of the people and find out information.

Suggested Levels:

This isnĀ“t a place to fight really, but if you want, level 5 to 7 in all classes.

Monsters Encountered:

All sorts of different "people."

Other Information:

You will find out that Percy (Percival, the guy who takes you to goblin island) knows where Moogly Bill is buried, but he won't talk to anyone except Portia. So the next step of the quest is to talk to Portia.


Map Summary Update Provided by:
 Hwei Sheng TEOH