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Portia's House


The red building in the West Central area of Port Joseph.


Medium sized rooms connected togeth through locked doors and a hallway. Try talking to some of the people that donĀ“t attack you.

This house is part of the Moogly Bill quest, which starts at the Drunken Shark, also in Port Joseph

Suggested Levels:

Level 6 or 7 for "fighters" and level 8 for spellcasters.

Monsters Encountered:

Thieves, Pirates, Pirate Lass, Housekeepers, Dogs

Other Information:

Talk to Portia about Percy, and she will tell you how to get him to talk. Say the special word to Percy, and instead of Goblin Isle, he will take you to the fort where Moogly Bill is buried. (See the Fort under Siege map for more info.)


Map Summary Update Provided by:
 Hwei Sheng TEOH