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Goblin Isle


This area is one of two quests involving Port Joseph. You are given a hint that this place exists while in Scorn, and finding how to get there requires a little exploring on your part.


This is map is made up of a couple of sections which include the main Isle, a small hut, a ruined castle, and an underground cavern. The quest involves finding the right information and keys to access the treasure.

The hut gives clues about a secret entrance within the ruined castle, which you will need to complete the quest. There is a hole in the ground just outside where the boat lands you on the Isle; there is a very well-hidden key inside that gives you access to a hidden part of the ruined castle. There is also a secret passage that leads to the underground caverns.

The castle itself has been overrun by ogres with their goblin, orc, and kobold minions. There are four towers in the castle; one of which can only be reached via the secret entrance in the throne room (the information in the hut tells you how to open the entrance). There are miscellaneous treasure in the castle; but what is important is several clues about "words of power". Three of these words are written on scrolls that you will find somewhere in the towers. (Hint: the southeast tower is reached by a weak wall on the second floor that you can break down.) There is also an encrypted letter that I haven't figured out yet (it seems to give information about the quest, but I figured out the quest on my own.)

Be sure to obtain the three scrolls that have the three (out of four) words of power you will need. Then, go to the dungeons/caverns. The entrance is on the west side of the ground floor. You will need some torches to see your way around clearly. You will find some in the dungeon itself, along with a flint & steel that you can use to light them.

Don't kill the prisoners in the cells -- one of them has the last word of power that you will need. Make sure you spare his life and learn this word from him.

The first level of the dungeon leads to three places:

  1. One is to a goblin-packed room with a bit of treasure. You will need the key from the Big Guy in the throne room to get the treasure. There is a secret wall behind the treasure, which leads to more valuable stuff than what you see at first.

  2. The second area is actually part of the main quest: it leads to a room with another Big Guy with his minions. A staircase down leads to an area with a locked door and another door where there are some slimes and some green slime.

    There is a secret passage on the north of the first level of the dungeon where there are some scorpions; this leads to a secret hallway behind the Big Guy's room. There is a key under one of the statues there, which opens the locked door downstairs. There are some major goodies behind that door, but watch out for the lightning wall.

    The other part of the downstairs is the slime area: be careful of the green slime; it hits with acid and can badly damage your equipment if you don't have the right protections. This leads into the Temple, where there is a food-stained altar. So bring some food and drop it there, and you will be told to speak the four words of power in each corner of the temple. So do so, and the doors open up to reveal two rooms filled with spellbooks and other major treasures. You will find a holy mace here, which is good against undead.

  3. There is another, very hidden part of the caverns that can be reached either from the secret passage in the hole on the Isle, or past a fake wall on the northeast corner of the 1st level of the dungeon. The stairs down take you to some caves with bats and violet fungi -- be careful, violet fungi are poisonous. Downstairs somewhere, you will meet an unaggressive green dragon, Nyerival, guarding some treasure. It tells you to content yourself with the little gold nuggets in the other parts of the cave. Unless you are high-level, do not attempt to attack it; you will get frozen into an icecube. But if you are able to kill the dragon, there is some treasure behind it.

Suggested Levels:

The Isle and small hut are for levels 2 to 3 of all classes. The castle is more difficult and for charaters of level 4 to 5 of all classes. The cavern is the most difficult, and I recommend a well equipped (a couple of wands) character of level 6 or higher. You might need to be level 10 or more if you intend to kill Nyerival. 

Monsters Encountered:

Goblins, Orcs, Kobolds, Bats, Ghosts, Skeletons, Giant Bats, Gnolls, Ogres, Centipedes, Madmen, Wraiths, Slime, Green Slime, Violent Fungi, Snakes, green dragon.

Items Found:

Mithral Chainmail (Ac: 4; Armor: 25; Weight: 15 kg.)
Holy mace (dam+8)(slay undead) 12.0 kg

Map Summary Update Provided by:
 Hwei Sheng TEOH