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Treasure Island


Island reached from the Fort under Siege. This island is the final map for the Moogly Bill quest.


A forested island with unpleasant creatures roaming about. There is a shipwreck on the southeast, a village of madmen near where you land, a hole on the west side, a cave where Moogly's treasure is, and a temple hidden in the forest. You will need to solve all of these areas to actually get to the treasure.

Don't kill everyone in the village of madmen; talk to the one sane person there and he will give you invaluable clues about how to get to the treasure. They were actually treasure hunters who came to the island searching for the treasure, but they could not get past the traps Moogly lay in his treasure cave. But at least he knows that you need three items to open the door to the treasure cave.

The shipwreck is kept afloat by an army of skeletons, who used to be the crew of yet another expedition to get Moogly's treasure. The captain who guards one of the items you need has turned into a vampire hiding in the secret chamber where the pearls are. Be careful of him!!

The hole on the west side of the island is guarded by a behemoth. Be careful, the behemoth is extremely poisonous and fast. Also, the rivers have magical currents, so be careful when you're firing at the Behemoth from the safe side of the river, as your projectiles may get thrown back at you. If you're clever, you can trick the behemoth to stay on the north side of the island, away from the hole, so that you can reach the hole without having to kill the behemoth (it's not so easy unless you have a high-level character). Once inside the hole, THINK before you act. Think *very* carefully -- it's a very tricky puzzle of shifting boulders around so that you can reach the diamond that you need to open the treasure cave. It's no fun waiting for the map to reset when you've made a mistake.

You can find the temple in the forest by looking at the statue and remembering what you saw in Moogly's grave. There are some giant spider webs around, and a fire elemental guarding the gems you need.

Only after you've obtained all three items you need can you open the way to Moogly Bill's treasure. Deposit the gems in their respective niches in the treasure cave, and enter through the doors. This leads to a maze of earthwalls, where you must follow Moogly's instructions *exactly*. If you don't, you will not be able to find the way to the treasure, and will meet nasty creatures that can horribly damage your equipment and kill you.

The treasure cave itself is reached by a teleportation from a specific square in the maze. The treasure is haunted by skeletons and two skulls -- you will need proper protections and weapons to get them out of the way. Don't worry about the dragon you see in the northwest corner -- it's locked safely behind bars and can't reach you.

Suggested Levels:

Level 12-14 for fighters, possibly more for spellcasters. You almost certainly need good equipment to survive some of the monsters you have to face

Monsters Encountered:

Bats, scorpions, trees, fire elemental, vampires, skeletons, killer bees, wraiths, trolls, behemoths, fire elementals, giant spiders, skulls. If you don't follow exact directions in the treasure cave, you might meet rustmonsters, black puddings, and other horrors.

Items Obtained:

So far, I'm unaware of any consistent item that you can obtain; Moogly's treasure room appears to be randomly populated.


Map Summary Provided by:
 Hwei Sheng TEOH