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Evil Shrine


A white building located in the northeastern area of the Valley of the Three Sisters.


This is a dark and dangerous area. The map has a large number of secret rooms and very deadly traps. There is also several puzzles that must be solved as well. The monsters here are very potent and numerous.

This map is part of the puzzle of the Tower of the Three Sisters. There is a main central area with some snake pits and lizard people. On the east is a large tomb with very nasty undead, and on the west is a room with cryptic murals that give clues about the puzzle. There are four keys in these two areas that you need to complete the quest.

The northern part of the map requires you to sacrifice the vial of blood that the serpentman priest has. There is a secret wall here which you can pass through to enter the Path of the Night, that leads to the domain of the lamia. To get to the lamia, you need the four keys to unlock the four guardians' chambers.

The black lamia herself is a very dangerous creature with nasty poison spells. After you kill her, you will find a pair of eyes which you need in the Tower of the Three Sisters.

Suggested Levels:

Mid to upper 20´s for all classes, and sufficient protection from acid and undead attacks.

Monsters Encountered:

Serpents, Snakes, Serpentmen, Serpentmen Priests, Serpentmen Guards, Giant Cobras, Nightmares, Crawling Chaos, Spectres, Vampires, Liches, Spirit Guardians of Chaos, Pit Viper, Lamia.

Items Found:

A pair of eyes, needed in the Tower of the Three Sisters.

Map Summary Update Provided by:
 Hwei Sheng TEOH