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Tower of the Three Sisters


Look for a tower on the far east side of the Valley of the Three Sisters, around the lake.


You start out with an invisible maze, with monsters attacking you.  Once you make it to the tower, it gets harder.  The monsters there all have special abilities.  There is also some very deadly traps, too.

An unaggressive troll near the beginning tells the story of the three sisters:
Three elven princes were cursed to become three trolls (of whom this troll is one) because of their love for the three sisters. The three sisters were mutilated and locked in the tower. The interesting part is, they have immortal blood in them, and they have magical weaving abilities.

Further in the maze, you will find the second troll guarding the tower. The third is actually in the dungeon inside the tower itself.

The three sisters have woven amazing artifacts, but in order to get the artifacts, you must help them with their disabilities. One has lost her fingers, the second is blind, and the third has lost her tongue. You need to find a pair of hands, a pair of eyes, and a tongue, which are elsewhere in this valley.

Suggested Levels:

Mid to upper 20´s for all classes.

Monsters Encountered:

Goblin, Dark Elves, Wyverns, Hill Giants, Trolls, Ogres, Gnolls, Crawling Chaos, Fist of the gods of Chaos, Enchanted Statues of Chaos.

Items Found:

Wig of Comliness (Cha +3)

Purple Turban of Brilliance (Int +2)

Silken Slippers of Comliness (Cha +2)

Many-colored Cloak (Dex -15)(stealth)(vulnerable:magical)

Dress of Lifesaving (Cha +1)(ac +1)(lifesaving)

Dress of Great Beauty (Cha +1)(ac +1)

Incredibly Beautiful Dress (Cha +2)

Dress of Great Beauty (Cha +1)

Carrillium Apron of Great Protection (ac +1)(magic -2)(armor +30)
(Protected: physical, magical, fire, electricity, cold, confusion, acid, drain, weaponmagic, ghosthit, poison, slow, paralyze, fear)(Denied: transference)

Gloves of Surehandedness (wc +3)(armor +1)

Linen Bag of Incredible Holding, weight limit: 533.3kg

10 Bolts of Silk

Jack Boots of Surefootedness (ac +1)(armor +4)(Immune: confusion)

Map Summary Update Provided by:
 Hwei Sheng TEOH