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Necropolis of Gax


South part of the Valley of the Three Sisters, next to the lake.


A haunted area with a few ruins and a hole in the ground. Only one of the ruins actually leads somewhere.

The hole in the ground leads to an underground maze that may appear to be only one level deep. However, there is a very well-hidden passage on the south east corner that leads to a deep pit with very nasty undead. At the very end, there is a locked door that requires the key from the small wooded village. You will find behind this door a tongue which you need in the Tower of the Three Sisters.

Suggested Levels:

At least level 12-15 or more.

Monsters Encountered:

Ghosts, spiders, basilisks, trees, skeletons, zombies, skulls, vampires, grimreapers, sandy's, ghasts, lich, spectre of Vardim.

Items Found:

Tongue, needed in the Tower of the Three Sisters.


Map Summary Provided by:
 Hwei Sheng TEOH