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Large Compound


The west central area of the Valley of the Three Sisters.


The map is set-up to where you have to enter the gate into a courtyard and fight your way through that, so you can eventually enter the main compound.  The monsters here are more challenging then the "normal" ones encountered on other maps.  There are also a few other tricks that you have to watch out for.

After you kill the titan at the end, there is a secret passage leading upstairs, where you will find a room with treasure chests. In one of them, you will find a pair of hands that you need in the Tower of the Three Sisters.

Suggested Levels:

Around level 25, give or take a few levels.

Monsters Encountered:

Hill Giants, Ogres, Giant Dogs, Giant Chickens, Cyclops, Dread Beholders, Giant Panthers, Titan.

Items Found:

Vardimar the Singing Axe +5 (dam +18)(slay_djinn)(Attacks: physical, chaos)(Protected: chaos)(Vulnerable: confusion) weight: 28kg

Baba Mal the War Hammer +4 (dam+13)(Attacks: weaponmagic) (Immune: paralyze, fear)(Protected: weaponmagic)(Vulnerable: magical) weight:30kg

A pair of hands, needed in the Tower of the Three Sisters.


Map Summary Update Provided by:
 Hwei Sheng TEOH