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The white building with pillars near the Southeastern section of Brest.


This entire map has a strange set-up.  Unexpected doorways, and odd room designs make many places a death trap.

Suggested Levels:

Level 14 or higher for "fighters" and level 17 or higher for spellcasters.

Monsters Encountered:

Goblins, Dark Angels, Skulls, Warriors, Dread Beholders, Castle Guards, Chinese Dragons, Galetrolls, Red Dragons, Behemoths, Titans, Brown Wizards, Wyverns, Black Pudding, Trolls, Trees, Grim Reapers, Blobs, Acid Sphers, Violent Fungi, Rust Monsters, Wild Pyromaniacs, Electric Dragons, Demi Liches, Mice, Hill Giants, Titans, Green Slime, Demon Lords