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Kingdom Palace

Also known as, "The Nine Gates of Hell"


The very large, white building in a park (northern portion) of Brest


Looks like a temple. Lots of chairs, and an altar and key in the north.

Suggested Levels:

The map is also called the "Nine Gates of Hell"
The nine distinct parts require increasingly higher levels/experience to manage.
To enter a level you must kill a castle guard (or find another way past them); this also defines the minimum level, even though the first two gates could be done with lower levels.

Monsters Encountered:

  • Gate 1: kobolds, orcs, goblins, gnomes, ogres
  • Gate 2: ogre, gnoll, madman, orcs, small trolls, scorpions, pixies, goblins, ghosts, hill giants, skeletons, zombies
  • Gate 3: zombies, ghosts, beholders, demons, earth elementals, bats, hill giants, a troll, raas, demons, wyverns, a grimreaper
  • Gate 4: goblins, hill giant, trolls, small trolls, wraiths, ogres, ghosts, two skulls, wyverns, chinese dragon
  • Gate 5: skeletons, ghosts, wyverns, skulls, demons, beholders, grimreaper, rust monster, black pudding, acid blob
  • Gate 6: xans, skeletons, spiders, demons, zombies, hill giants, stalkers, beholders, electric dragon, skulls, chinese dragon, basilic, trolls
  • Gate 7: 2 behemoths, 2 dreads, 2 castle guards, 1 grimreaper, 1 red dragon, 2 demiliches
  • Gate 8: 2 titans, 1 wizard, 1 gaelotroll
  • Gate 9: 1 Jessy (you might not have to kill it to get the reward)

Items Found:

1 potion of charisma
1 potion of constitution
1 potion of dexterity
1 potion of intelligence
1 potion of strength
1 potion of wisdom
(note: that's all stat potions except power)
2 random artifacts
2 random talisman
4 random spells

Other Information:

  • This is a non-essential map (i.e. you don't "have to" do it).
  • People prefer the map because of the Jessy at the end.
  • The Jessy map has location where spells are unlikely to reach you. although it's not impossible.
  • This map can be done step by step, or gate by gate.

Map Summary Provided by:
Christian Stieber