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Jessy Zoo


Found in Brittany, a bit east and south from the town of Brest.  A key obtained from Jessy Castle required.


One huge room with lots of tough monsters. Some would call it a "Hell on Earth." The biggest single room in the game.
This is a really funny area. When you open the gates all hell brakes loose and you will encounter dozens of dragons, chinese dragons, titans, dreads, and demonlords.  After that, there is a small wall with a few dozen electric dragons and lots of kobolds behind it.  Finally, when you have killed them all you find a zillion bottles of booze and a lair of kobolds. Strange.

Suggested Levels:

I would say at least 20.  But level doesn´t really matter if you don´t have enough of the right potions or access to some of the protection spells.

Monsters Encountered:

Black Puddings, Chinese Dragons, Demon Lords, Dragons, Dreads, Electric Dragons, Hill Giants, Titans, Wizards, Kobolds

Items Found:

Zillion bottles of booze and all the treasures from those monsters you kill. (Assuming it survives the battle!) Nothing special though.

Other Information:

  • Try to get a small party and with plenty of potions. Then just go in and have fun.
    But when your potions run out you will die so beware. Really good sport though.
  • Easier way to kill 'em all is to cast Ebola (if your server allows it) and wait for monsters to die (and cast restoration to stay alive yourself)
  • Really good area to gain experience, or lose it if you die...



Map Summary Provided by:
 Kimmo Hoikka