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Also Known as The Jessy Castle or Castle of Jessy


The large castle (or structure) to the northwest of the city of Brest.  A key to the Castle is required; or  you can teleport from Mopoons Weapon Shop in Lake Country (extremely dangerous!)


Several rooms with hidden entrances and traps that lead into nasty situations.

Suggested Levels:

At least 15.  But to complete the entire map, level 20.
Level 20+ (and lots of potions and spell access) if you enter from the teleporter.

Monsters Encountered:

Chinese Dragons, Dragons, Ghosts, Castle Guards, Jessy, Hill Giants, Skulls, Wizards, Wyverns

Items Found:

A key to Jessys Zoo (actually a book)

Other Information:

  • A test for a high level character. If you can kill Jessy you can kill anything.
  • Really good adventure, but remember to be carefull with those pits.
  • Some rooms have glue on the floor to slow you down and make you an easy target for the monsters
  • Levitation boots recommended in order to avoid ending up in a room full of dragons, chinese dragons  and wizards down below.
  • Jessy┬┤s room is full of glue so you will be stuck there until the glue melts in the fire Jessy breathes, or see the hint above this one.


Map Summary Provided by:
 Kimmo Hoikka