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A cave in the southwest part of Brittany. A key (can be obtained from Dol-Guldur ) is required for the entrance.


Large set of caves with some tricky rooms and dangerous monsters. A good adventure and some exp on the way also.  A light source is needed since most of the dungeons is dark. The terrain is normal and doesn't slow you down.

Suggested Levels:

Level 20-25 for all characters.  Extra caution is vital and some rooms require fast action.

Monsters Encountered:

Wizards, DemonLords, Dragons, Chinese Dragons, The Balrog (a wizard), Goblins, Acid Spheres, Trolls, Beholders, Skulls, Dreads, Guards, Castle Guards, Titans, Electric Dragons

Items Found:

Key to Jessy Castle

Helmet of brilliance +1 (Int+2)(Pow+2)(ac+2)(magic+1)(armour+7).
(This might be a random artifact??)

Mithrandir staff  +4 (Wis+2)(Cha+2)(dam+5)(magic+2)(Attacks: physical)(Immune:drain)(Protected: magical, confusion, fear). weight: 5.000 kg

Crown of Lordliness +3 (Cha+2)(armour+3). weight: 8.610 kg

Other Information:

  • It´s a good idea to have an X-ray helm, that way you can see what is waiting for you.
  • Some rooms require quite fast action, and a few immunity potions are recommended.
  • Search dol-guldur first to get the key to Moria.


Map Summary Provided by:
 Kimmo Hoikka