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StatSVN - Index

Provides reports about SVN usage based on the SVN log files.

NOTE: On 2021-May-11, Crossfire migrated from SVN to Git.

Type Module Date
Branch Archetypes 2008-Aug-04
Branch Client 2008-Aug-04
Branch Maps 2008-Aug-04
Branch Server 2008-Aug-04
Branch Spell_shuffle 2021-Jul-05
Type Module Date
Trunk Archetypes 2021-Jul-05
Trunk Client 2021-Jul-05
Trunk Editor 2015-Jan-09 *
Trunk JXClient 2021-Jul-05
Trunk Maps 2021-Jul-05
Trunk Metaserver 2017-Mar-01
Trunk Server 2021-Jul-05
Trunk Sounds 2017-Aug-01
Type Module Date
Whole Project All 2021-Jul-05

* - The map editor, Gridarta for Crossfire, switched to using Git for revision control in January-2015