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SVN ChangeLog - Index

Summary of recent updates and log files of SVN.

NOTE: On 2021-May-11, Crossfire migrated from SVN to Git.

Type Module Date Size
Whole Project All 2021-Jul-05 20M
Type Module Date Size
Trunk Archetypes 2021-Jul-05 2.5M
Trunk Client 2021-Jul-05 885K
Trunk Editor 2021-Jul-05 6.6M
Trunk JXClient 2021-Jul-05 2.2M
Trunk Maps 2021-Jul-05 3.7M
Trunk Metaserver 2017-Mar-01 3.7K
Trunk Server 2021-Jul-05 3.0M
Trunk Sounds 2017-Aug-01 8.7K
Type Module Date Size
Tags 1.10.0 Archetypes 2007-Mar-04 409K
Tags 1.10.0 Client 2007-Mar-05 357K
Tags 1.10.0 Maps 2007-Mar-04 423K
Tags 1.10.0 Server 2007-Mar-26 1.3M
Tags 1.10.0 Sounds 2007-Mar-05 3.3K
Type Module Date Size
Tags 1.11.0 Archetypes 2008-Jan-29 432K
Tags 1.11.0 Client 2008-Jan-29 386K
Tags 1.11.0 Maps 2008-Feb-01 534K
Tags 1.11.0 Server 2008-Jan-29 1.4M
Type Module Date Size
Tags 1.50.0 Archetypes 2010-Apr-26 638K
Tags 1.50.0 Client 2010-Apr-26 576K
Tags 1.50.0 JX Client 2010-May-20 754K
Tags 1.50.0 Maps 2010-Apr-26 1.1M
Tags 1.50.0 Server 2010-Apr-26 2.1M
Tags 1.50.0 Sounds 2010-Apr-26 3.4K
Type Module Date Size
Tags 1.60.0 Archetypes 2011-Jan-28 670K
Tags 1.60.0 Client 2011-Jan-28 673K
Tags 1.60.0 JX Client 2011-Jan-30 841K
Tags 1.60.0 Maps 2011-Jan-28 1.2M
Tags 1.60.0 Server 2011-Jan-30 2.2M
Tags 1.60.0 Sounds 2011-Jan-28 3.8K
Type Module Date Size
Tags 1.70.0 Archetypes 2012-Mar-18 747K
Tags 1.70.0 Client 2012-Mar-18 682K
Tags 1.70.0 Maps 2012-Mar-18 2.2M
Tags 1.70.0 Server 2012-Mar-22 2.4M
Tags 1.70.0 Sounds   3.8K
Type Module Date Size
Tags 1.71.0 Archetypes 2014-Apr-10 836K
Tags 1.71.0 Client 2014-Apr-10 794K
Tags 1.71.0 Maps 2014-Apr-10 2.6M
Tags 1.71.0 Server 2014-Apr-10 2.6M
Tags 1.71.0 Sounds 2012-Mar-18 5.1K
Type Module Date Size
Tags 1.72.0 Client 2017-Aug-13 846K
Tags 1.72.0 Sounds 2017-Aug-13 8.6K
Type Module Date Size
Tags 1.73.0 Client 2019-Jan-15 858K
Type Module Date Size
Tags 1.74.0 Client 2019-Dec-25 843K
Type Module Date Size
Branch 1.11 Archetypes 2010-Apr-01 442K
Branch 1.11 Client 2010-Apr-01 376K
Branch 1.11 Maps 2010-Apr-01 773K
Branch 1.11 Server 2010-Apr-01 1.5M
Type Module Date Size
Branch 1.12 Archetypes 2010-Apr-01 596K
Branch 1.12 Client 2010-Apr-01 463K
Branch 1.12 Maps 2010-Apr-01 1.1M
Branch 1.12 Server 2010-Apr-01 1.8M
Type Module Date Size
Branch 1.50 Archetypes 2010-Dec-09 633K
Branch 1.50 Client 2010-Dec-09 556K
Branch 1.50 Maps 2010-Dec-09 1.1M
Branch 1.50 Server 2010-Dec-09 2.1M
Type Module Date Size
Branch Spell_Shuffle 2021-Jul-05 913 KB